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What's the best way to clean my luggage?

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) June 28th, 2010

My darling kitty has evacuated his bladder in every piece of luggage I own. I hate dry cleaning things and am thinking a trip to the car wash or a nice shower in my tub may be my best bet.
Any experience cleaning your standard rolling luggage, flutherites?

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You might want to try a cat clean up site, or a product specially made for cat odors.

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Resolve is a pet odor cleaning product you can use.

What is the luggage made of?

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I know all about Resolve (crazy cat lady requirement)...what I’m asking is if anyone has any personal experience with this issue so I don’t accidentally mess anything up!
@janbb It’s just your standard upright rolling suitcase…I guess the fabric is nylon. Not leather or anything like that.

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You can try Fabreeze for pet odors After you clean it with Resolve using a white cloth to rub the fabreeze around til all pee residue is removed and spray again and vacuum it when dry. Then leave it open to the sun and air in a place kitty can not get to it. Leave arm and hammer soda in it in a sachet when it is closed.
BUT No matter what you do your cat may mark it again. Get an electric cat mat and put it in front of the closet you keep your suitcases in or keep it on the open suitcase.
My cat that did that did that had a bladder infection. BUT For some reason I am getting a strong impression that your cat may not like the sizing smell in new fabric and considers that smell a challenge to its territory.

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