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The best ways to use proactiv 3 piece kit

Asked by ohhcrapitstim (1points) March 18th, 2008 from iPhone

what is the best way to use the proactiv 3 piece kit?

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According to the instructions.

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yes that or get clearogen at,I tried proactive,made things worse

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I had a lot of luck with proactiv when I was in college. I used the whole kit twice a day – morning and evening. Cleanser after rinsing with hot water, then toner, which I applied with a cotton pad, then lotion. Good luck.

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There is an alternative to Proactive I would suggest trying also – it’s called AcneFree – my girlfriend has had a lot of success with it, and it works for her MUCH better than Proactive, and is only $20 for a kit (vs $60)

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I have switched to the Acne Free product, and it works just as good or better than ProActive.

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