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What are the best memories you have had? Why did you like them? (No bad or inappropriate memories...)

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) June 28th, 2010

Just asking since there are a lot of good and bad memories out there and I’m just wondering if any of them would ever relate to each other. If you’re wondering what mine is it is this: Me and Amber always walking down to the park everyday or staying after school with each other or whatever I do with her. Wish it would happen again….
I know I’m over doing it but I don’t remember any good ones recently… So answer!!

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What do you mean by….inappropriate?

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One of my favorite memories is seeing my husband at the airport after we hadn’t seen each other for a few weeks. Just seeing him standing there waiting for me always made me smile. (We’ve done this several times and will be doing it again in the future.)

Another one is the day my son was born. I had a long night with being induced and it was just surreal to hold him for the first time.

Then there’s also the day my husband and I got married. We got married in front of a river in Texas. It was a wonderful day and one of the best days of my life.

There’s also the day I found out I passed the exam for my RN license. I worked hard in nursing school and was paranoid after having the exam cut off on the minimum number of questions (that can be really good or really bad). I was so excited when I found out I passed. It was even better than graduating nursing school.

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My sister and I poking my gramma’s butt with pens through the lattice in the chair as she tried to play cards.She was a very patient woman with a great sense of humor :)

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@Draconess25 : I mean nothing violent pretty much. Or too much sexual contact.
@Seaofclouds :Aww those are cute memories (Sorry if that may offend you) but it’s always good to share memories like that. Congratz to you on everything =)

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@Vincent_Lloyd I’m not offended by that. I love sharing happy memories.

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when i had kind people on my life

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@Vincent_Lloyd Uh, then I have nothing. Except for starting a relationship with my lovers.

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@Draconess25 : Haha that’s fine. Stuff in your relationship is alright.
@Seaofclouds : Okay good =) And yes it always/most of the time seems like a good way to open up. If I said that right lol.

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The year was 1998. I was at a public swimming pool with my pompous cousin. She had banished me to the shallow end of the pool so she could flirt with a hot guy in the deep end. As she started swimming towards him…she farted. It wasn’t one of those tiny bubbles floating towards the surface of the water either. It was one of those that inflate the entire bottom half of your swimsuit. I like to think of it as one of those ordained moments of ego collapse that resonate throughout history.

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Buying my own white water raft at age 16 and shooting the rapids all summer long..I was quite the little river rat!

Riding my horse (s) over the years…bareback gallops, pigtails flying, hippie cowgirl was a very accomplished little horsewoman. lol

The birth of my daughter…..amazing!

Traveling to asia last March…..waaay too many to list!

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Spending summers swimming in the lake with my cousin. Getting up to divilment as a kid – oh, what fun. I still do that now, as a big kid/

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Quitting the first job I ever got after two weeks because I wanted to play Castlevania Symphony of the Night.

I could elaborate, but elaborating on memories and why you like them and what they mean to you or even trying to establish a sense of magnitude and significance between all your good memories is too much work, so ’‘what is a man’’ it is.

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One of my favorite memories to look back upon is the first time Alex and I met after meeting each other on This was an impulsive move on my part, to go see him in North Carolina as he was there on a business trip. I had to come in in secret because all of his co-workers knew his wife (since he was still married then, as was I but no longer with my ex-husband). We’ve been, at that point, speaking to each other for over a month and were very nervous. We decided that he would sit down on the floor facing away from the door and that I would slide my key card in, put my bags down and then go over to him. My heart almost jumped out of my body, I felt that I was in a movie. There he was, the love of my life..I started crying pretty immediately, he was shaking..I put my arms around him and didn’t let go for a long while…then finally, I let him see my face as I got myself around his body, we kissed for the first time…I remember thinking that this is the most incredible time of my life…we later had the most amazing 4 days…the rest is history.

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My wife to be looking deep into my eyes and asking, “Do you see any reason why we can’t get married?”

My youngest daughter when she was about 2, running to jump on me after a bad day at work, saying, “Oh, Daddy! I love you!”

My older son seeing all of my military awards and decorations for the first time, and looking at me as though I had fought WWII and Korea single-handedly.

There are many such incidents in my life. I am very fortunate. : )

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My life is so full of happy memories, I can’t even remember them all, much less pick out the best.

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My wife being able to dance at our wedding…after 4 years of orthopedic surgery and physical therapy.

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Standing on one of the bridges overlooking the Thames in London with my boyfriend at midnight listening to a busker play the theme to “Love Story”. It was quite a cheesy moment but it also felt so right.

My second best memory was seeing Barbra Streisand in concert!

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