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Why is she acting different?

Asked by xStarlightx (416points) June 28th, 2010

So my dog is acting a whole lot different today. I took her out and walked her around and then went back inside and since its so hot I put her in front of the fan so she can cool off. Then my sister and I went outside and sprayed each other down with the hose and cooled off, We also sprayed her down so she wouldn’t be so hot (Its like 90 here and my house temp is around 95) so I wanted to make her somewhat comfortable.

Since then shes been nipping at everyone except me.
Whats wrong with her?

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She’s pissed because you sprayed her with the hose. Plus he is cranky….It’s 95 in your house! Dude, close your windows and draw the blinds during the day. Open them back up and put some exhaust fans in the windows at night.

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Thats what Ive been doing and it doesn’t help the heat in the house .

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Maybe she’s acting that way to the harsh weather. I’m not a big dog expert but that seems like something I would do if it was hot….I’m not sure if all dogs do that, but I’m just guessing. Was she nipping at everyone else before?

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No, shes really friendly and always is wagging her tail. Shes only staying by me too so I dunno if shes mad at me u.u

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Humans can get cranky too when it is fricking hot, so dogs can as well?
My pussycat gets very inactive when the temp goes up.

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She’s hot and grumpy. She’ll be less so at night when it’s hopefully cooler. Did you take her for a long walk or just walk outside for a little bit with her? If you took her on a long walk, I wouldn’t do that again in this heat.

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Make sure she has unlimited cold water on hot days. Dogs pant to cool themselves and they can get really dry from doing that

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