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What was the first three diemnsional video game ever made?

Asked by Berserker (33470points) June 28th, 2010

As a joke in my Mario topic I said that Zaxxon made up 3D before I was even born, but I don’t think that’s true. What was the very first video game to apply true three dimensional elements to gaming?
(Three dimensional as it can be, and as is known, in gaming, at least.)

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I’ve never seen Spasim, but I played Battlezone at the arcade when it was new.

You can play online here.

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I don’t know the answer, but Zaxxon was actually a game i bought (on a data cassette) for my Commodore 64.
Loved it.

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It really depends on what you count as 3D. Alone In The Dark is an early example of true 3D games.

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@rebbel Zaxxon rocks my socks.

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It does, eh?!
I’m gonna look it up, maybe it’s playable online somewhere.

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Subroc 3d was the first real 3d arcade game, I believe. (It always gave me a terrible headache after using it for more than 5 minutes.)

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@rebbel Let me know if you find it lol. I played it on Coleco Vision, but I’ve long lost that old thing.

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Subroc 3D was first in that it used 3D “glasses” but it wasn’t first in having a 3D “world.”
Vector graphics games were probably first in terms of having 3D space and objects. Games like Red Baron, Battle Zone, and Warrior, Tempest, and Tac-Scan. And the aforementioned Spasim.

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The first game that fully embraced 3-D gameplay is, I think, Super Mario 64. I can’t think of any early games that intuitively controlled in 3-D space.

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Apogee’s Blake Stone (released at the same time as the original DooM) was touted as one of the first “true” 3D games; more so than DooM, which is followed by Descent being touted as the “first game to give players motion sickness.”

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I played that on the school computers lol.

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I remember sneaking floppies with Doom, Wolfenstein 3D and Warcraft into the school library and the very rare in class computers. I went to a very small public school, so it wasn’t easy. But hey, we caught our teachers playing SimCity and Lemmings all the time when they were supposed to be planning classes so we figured all’s fair.

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