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What do you think about a man getting regular pedicures?

Asked by breathe (249points) June 28th, 2010

When a man gets regular pedicures, do you think their feet are kissable? Clean, soft, smell good, trim nails are kissable to me. How about you?

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Umm, I won’t speak on kissable.

I do wish more men took care of their god awful hobbit feet. The more pedicures, the better.


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I… wouldn’t kiss feet anyways, but some grooming there is always preferable to zero grooming.

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I don’t know. Probably. All the power to them, and anyone who enjoys it.

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No way am I kissing any guy’s feet, but I think they should take care of them, keep the nails short and clean, rub the calluses off, etc.

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Feet aren’t really part of my sensual repertoire.

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My body forms calluses for a reason. Where the skin has been repeatedly worn and abraded, callus forms to protect the flesh from harm. When I used to walk around barefoot in the summer, my soles would become hard and shiny, like boiled leather, which meant I could walk comfortably on gravel if I wanted to. Funtion is a lot more important than “kissable feet.”

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specifically, feet are not my connection either, but you know how they say smooth as a babies butt? I would like men to have kissable feet if so inclined.

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I tried to get my husband to go in for a pedicure and he refused. His feet are so nasty looking, I don’t even like to touch his feet in bed. I have seen men getting pedicures when I go in and they have very nice looking feet, and why not?

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I hate getting pedicures but if a person’s into it, fine by me

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Just kidding, I don’t really know nor care. If they want to get a pedicure, then so be it. Although I do not really find feet to be that interesting.

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When a man gets regular pedicures I think it’s nice! If he also keeps his feet clean and soft daily between the pedicures then that’s even better and yes, I nibble toes. What’s super great though is the guy who treats his partner to pedicures now and then, that’s a real gent for you.

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If it’s something they enjoy, then go for it. The kissable part isn’t my thing.

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I am in favour of regular pedicures for all!

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When I was a teenager, I met a woman on the bus. One of the first things she said to me was a comment about how clean my nails are; we had some fun the same day. Other women have also complimented me on my feet. I am for pedicures and manicures for men.

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I’m female and if I notice man with well kept hands and feet then I’m apt to think he takes care of most other details nicely too. I usually think he keeps a pretty clean car, home and minds his health. It’s not always true but it sure does look nice!

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Ladies, do you mean to tell me there is a part of your man you would not kiss? I would kiss my mans arse if I had that strong of love for him. I haven’t found him yet. I love my husband, but would not do that. :(

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…. there will ALWAYS be a part of ‘my man’ that I would not kiss. Feet rate pretty high on that list. Eurgh.


I don’t think there’s anything wrong in wanting to take care of yourself in the best way as possible, to look and feel as good as you can, not only for yourself but for others too.

It’s much better than not taking care with the way you look, or even being “indifferent” to your grooming habits. A man who takes care of his appearance shows self-dignity and respect, and with that comes self-confidence, a definite plus.

If a man wants to get a pedicure, why should that be anyone else’s business but his own?

Too often these days, I find a lot of guys are slobs——slapping on a baseball cap and going out in a t-shirt and torn dirty jeans, with unclipped toenails, horrible body odor, unshaven and unshowered——even rats groom themselves and take better care of their hygiene than that! Seriously. :(

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I like the way it looks like but I won’t kiss the feet.

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In my book, a guy attempting anything beyond basic maintenance warrants some light ridicule. Same with the ones who keep lotioning their hands. Once now and then I can understand.

I like @SmashTheState‘s post. The callouses are there for a darn good reason.

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But callouses smell bad. It is rotten skin. Why get callouses, when you can wear shoes instead?

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@breathe I think that you misunderstand the nature of the callus.
Sometimes, there are things in the shoes that cause calluses to form.

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Nullo, I did misunderstand, sorry. I thought you meant calluses from going barefoot.

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I see nothing wrong with men getting pedicures or at least taking better care of his feet. I’m not likely to kiss them under any circumstances but it looks nicer.

I’d caution against getting callouses shaved, however. It really just causes the callouses to return. Using a pumice stone to reduce them is fine, as that’s a slower process.

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A guy who takes care of his feet? Nice.

I’d have no interest in rubbing, nor kissing any guy’s feet.

I wouldn’t even kiss a chicas feet (am a lezzer).

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I’ve heard that getting pedicures and manicures from commercial services can spread bacteria and fungus. Think about the man or woman who gets a bunion sawed off right before you. I’ll do it at home, thank you very much.

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On another note, my mom used to get me manicures when I was a kid and I got made fun of. So thank you, society, for being such an asshole.

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I love pedicures. And, if someone wants to kiss my feet after. More power to them.

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One of the great joys of life is having clean, soft and neat feet that someone else enjoys to tickle and sometimes rub lotion into. Kisses and rubbing them against the cheeks is optional.

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