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What interesting family stories do you have?

Asked by Coloma (47115points) June 28th, 2010

Famous relatives from history, amusing stories from generations past? What interesting family stories do you have to share?

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My great garandmother was born in 1885.

She was a 7 month preemie and weighed 2 lbs.

She was wrapped in cotton and put in a cigar box!

98 years later she was still walking a mile a day, mowed her own lawn til she was 95 and was sharp as can be right up til the end. :-)

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This happened in Phoenix.
My grandfather was a terrible drinker. Once, he was walking home in the middle of the night, and had to cross a bridge. He didn’t realize that on the other side of the bridge, a group of policemen were trying to corrall an escaped bull (from a circus, or a slaughterhouse, or something).
As my grandfather got half way across the bridge, blind drunk, the bull darted around the officers, and began running straight towards my grandfather.
My grandfather, not seeing the bull, passed out while walking.
The bull, approaching my grandfather as he passed out, turned, and jumped off the bridge.
A photographer took a picture at that moment, and it was on the front page a day or so later.
My grandfather, in mid-fall, appeared to be head-butting the bull. The headline was “The Man who butted the bull off the bridge”. That was my grandfathers nickname for years after.

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@filmfann DUDE! Thats awesome! Can you post the picture?

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Hah! That’s great!

One of my great grandfathers rolled his buggy and broke his neck partying waaay back when! lol

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@Maximillian I tried a few years ago to get a copy of the picture, or the front page, but haven’t succeeded yet.

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Ah, nothing in the archives?

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On my mother’s side, her grandmother was a government translator for the Choctaw.
On my father’s side, his great grandmother was married to the same man as his grandmother – at the same time!

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How wow? lololol

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I recently found out that my grandfather was known as the town flasher in his early days. bless his heart

There are no pictures.

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My Mom and Martin Luther King, Jr., either dated, almost dated,or went to the same school. I’ll have to ask her tomorrow what the story was again. Sorry.

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Well, this story is both interesting, at least to me, and and a little bit sordid and I was not told about it until well into adulthood. My father’s side of the family is from a very, very small town in West Virginia, about 5000 people, and this occurred in the the ‘30’s; it must have be so scandalous at the time. My Grandmother was one of 11 children, 9 of whom survived into adulthood. Apparently my Great Aunt Grace (blood relative, my Grandmother’s sister); her husband had a long term affair with the wife of my Great Uncle Waiteman (blood relative, my Grandmother’s brother), long term enough that two of Waiteman’s four children turned out not to be his own. Needless to say, both marriages ended in separation. I can only imagine what it must have been like when that shit hit the fan.

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@Coloma My father’s family are Mormon. His Great Grandfather died, and when Great grandmother remarried, her husband also married her oldest daughter.

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I have a few. My family is wonderful for telling and retelling family stories.

When my maternal grandfather was 12 the school he and his brother attended ran IQ tests on them and they both topped out list for the province at that time. The school also found out that my grandfather and my uncle weren’t twins (they had been placed in school at the same time) so they bumped my uncle to a higher grade. My grandfather got so angry that his brother had been moved he opted to leave school. At the time they were living with their maternal grandmother as their father was working the rails. After several attempts to get my grandfather back in school failed his father was called back home. He came home angry, grabbed his son and took him to a cabin in the woods to “teach him a lesson”. One night they got into it and my grandfather punched out his father and took off.

My grandfather got a job with B.C. Forestry services at 13 (he looked to be 16 or so because he could grow a decent moustache). WWII broke out and he applied to the Irish Fusiliers. He was accepted…for a while until they found out he was 13 and he was kicked out. Then he met my grandmother, who was 7 years older than him, and fell in love. He didn’t tell her how old he was. He joined the army and was, again, kicked out once they discovered his true age. He finally clued in, sat down at his grandmother’s kitchen table and changed the year of his birth. He applied, and was accepted, to the RCAF. He married my grandmother and they became pregnant. He went off to Alberta to train and came home for 1 week after my mother was born to meet her and spend some time with her. He shipped out to England.

Eight months later he was flying a secret mission over Belgium when his plane was shot down. He was KIA.

We have no idea when my grandmother found out just how young he was. He died at 18.

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Aaaah….I see!

I was wracking my brain trying to figure that out!

It’s like one of those word math problems! lolol

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My great-great-great grandfather was the 19th Vice President of the United States.

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Who WAS the 19th president? lol

( Gotta get my presidents in order here )


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My great grandpa was sent over as lead carpenter to help build the German Exposition for the 1893 Worlds Fair in Chicago. That building still stands as the Museum of Science and Industry. I guess he liked it here so much he brought his family over and decided to stay a while.

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My great grandma was there too, she was 8 yrs. old…have pics!

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To all, first thanks for sharing, second of all, after reading some of the stories,it got me pondering on my lifetime, and now I feel very worn and tattered,in any case, I have learned that famiy is wonderful to have in your life from my own experiences.

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