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Could I be pregnant?

Asked by tney07 (59points) June 28th, 2010

I started a new pill last month. I started what I think was my period a week earlier than i was suppose to. This month I started lightly spotting a couple days before the spot where I started my period last month. It only lasted 3 days. It started off light pink then the last day was brown. I’m worried it may be implantation bleeding. I have been having umprotected sex but I have not missed any pills. I took a pregnancy test a day after I stopped bleeding. It wasnt a early pregancy test and it came up negative. So I think I may have taken it too early. Should I take another one? Or not worry?

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Take another one to ease your mind.

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Did you have sex? Then, yes.

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Are you sure its not too early? My pills says not to start for another week. But then again my period came a week early last month.

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Yes you could be pregnant. Most pregnancy tests won’t come up with a positive until you are passed when you are supposed to normally have your period. If your periods are off track from your pills, it’s hard to say when you would be due. You should use a back up method from now until you get it figured out and you should speak to your doctor about the fact that you aren’t having a period when you are supposed to with the pills. Your doctor can also order a blood test if they feel they need to. If you want to test again, I would wait until you are due for your period based on where you are in your pack of pills. Regardless of if you are or not, you need to talk to your doctor about the bleeding during the non-placebo pills.

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Yes, you could be pregnant. Most birth control instructions tell you not to have unprotected sex for one full pill cycle.

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I did call my doc last month and I only talked to his nurse. She told me it was breakthrough bleeding and I may not get my period. And I didnt. I did take a test last month after the placebos to make sure and it was negative.
And for the record this is my second pill cycle.

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If you were having unprotected sex during the first cycle, you could have gotten pregnant. It can take a full month for the pills to protect you from pregnancy. It’s also important that you take them the same time everyday. There are also other things that will cause birth control pills to fail (such as antiobiotics), so it’s important to pay attention to any medications you are given in addition to your pills. If you aren’t ready for a pregnancy, you should use condoms as well for extra protection.

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I take them every night at 10— 10:30. I havent been taking any medicines except tylenol and asprin.

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That’s good. You still could be pregnant from having unprotected sex while your body was adjusting to the pills. Best thing to do is test again if your period doesn’t come when it’s due.

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ok thanks for the help

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you are adjusting to the new pill. Take another pregnancy test in a few days and stay on your pill as directed.

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