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What animal makes a loud low clicking noise?

Asked by suzieq5122000 (1points) June 28th, 2010

tonight I heard a strange noise in my back yard. It sounded like someone was using a stick and running it across a wooden picket fence…only about 4 or 5 clicks and then it would stop…about a minute would pass then it happened again. This continued for about ½ hr. or so.

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Sounds like either a click beetle or a cicada.

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In what part of the world are you? Knowing your general vicinity might help others give more specific answers.

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If you are in the UK, I would say it may be a Magpie bird, my garden is filled with them and they’re horribly noisy!

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Bats will make that noise, as well, if your hearing is right and they are pointed directly at you when they use their radar.

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Here is a lot of research and many suggestions from an earlier question.

Click click

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Here is a whole list of bat sounds. Try some of them, too.

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Anyone ever see the 1980’s BBC production of “Day of the Triffids”? (you can download it on Netflix if you’re a member. Very good interpretation of the book)

The triffids mad a very low loud clicking noise that was really really creepy. I know that they’re fictional—and plants—but if I heard a low loud clicking noise, I’d hide if I were you.

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I’d hide also if I heard a mad triffid.

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I live in upstate NY near Niagara Falls in a village (fenced yards and houses close by). It was quite loud.,.lasted for 4–6 clicks…slow…at first I thought it was a kid running a stick across the fence but when I turned a flash light on, it kept happening. It seemed the noise was low to the ground and came from a different location each time. It lasted for a ½ hr – 45 mins. and occured every minute or two. The dog next door was going nuts because it heard it too. I captured the noise on my cell phone but cant seem to find a way to post it on here… I listened to the cacida noise and the click beatle noise it is neither of those. Still stumped!

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not the bat sounds either… Thanks all for the suggestions. I will keep searching…

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So… It’s been a while. Was the mystery ever solved?

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I’ve heard the same noise next to my window just recently in Florida. My son heard it too. When I turned on the back light I could hear the foot steps – about the size of a small possum or something like that. I didn’t think possums made noise – at least I’ve never heard it up north but footsteps were definitely a ground animal not flying.

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