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What do you think of long distance relationships?

Asked by VampyrePrincess (6points) June 28th, 2010

My BF lives in America and i ,live in australia, what do you think?

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I get in pretty bad shape if I don’t see my partna’ every two weeks.

Perhaps if you have hundreds of thousands of dollars and lots and vacation time for plane tickets and time for transit, it would work?

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The girl in NH that I was dating fifteen years ago while I was in the Navy and stationed in CA has been my wife for over nine years, so it could work out well.

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Just saying, he is coming here in October, its our 5 month anniversary today

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It is a very hard way to go. You have to be able to handle a lot of uncertainty and doubt.

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I talk to him every day too

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Long distance relationships do work out sometimes, but they take more effort than local relationships. When you fight, are you able to resolve the issue quickly? Conflict resolution is important in all relationships. It takes a lot of trust and faith for long distance relationships to work out.

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Well, for some people they work out fine, if not very well and for some people it’s probably not a good idea, it probably won’t work out. Every relationship is different.

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I think it doesn’t matter what I think – The only thing that matters is what is important to the two of you.

By the way, I once had a fiance visa to go to Australia and meet a man I had only known by letters. A month before I was supposed to go, I met the love of my life, and we have now been married for 35 years. I don’t know what happened to my Australian fiance, after I returned the money he had sent me for my travel ticket.

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@YARNLADY I sure he felt quite down\under for a while.

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Welcome to Fluther! It’s hard, but it can be done. My lady and I were separated for up to a year at a time by overseas deployments. Thank goodness for the internet. My parents had to live with the same, my father being a naval officer; in those days there was no internet.

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It takes a lot of work and both people in it really have to care for each other – and eventually have a plan to be together – otherwise, it’s much easier to find someone local. Also, both parties need to make sure they’re not making it LD to avoid having an in-person relationship with someone closer to home in general. I’ve seen that play out a few times, and that’s just sad.

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LDR’s and are hard and take a lot of work, but if you are emotionally and mentally available to put in the effort then I think you’ll make it. I know of a couple who lived across the US from each other and only technically went on 10 dates over the course of 8 months before getting engaged. But because they connected on an emotional and mental level they have been able to make it work and I’m happy to say she moved across the country for her fiancee, and just got married a few weeks ago.

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Hm distance relationships usually leads to a crash most likely since the two never get intimate, or they don’t give the same affection towards each other. But some do. I mean if you two have a really strong bond with each other then if you’re lucky it may or may not work out. I can only with you luck on what you decide and what will happen. And hey if it doesn’t work out I’m positive you’ll find another one that’s near you.

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