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If you take Glucophage/ were you instructed to take it?

Asked by SundayKittens (5834points) June 28th, 2010

I am getting conflicting views, both online and first-person, on when to take it….Before, during, or after meals?

The timing of this medication getting into your bloodstream is crucial, you’d think there’d be more specific instructions!

Any straight-from-a-professional info/ personal experience, guys? (I’ve read everything on the internet, no need for links)

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you are supposed to take it with your largest meal of the day. I take it right before.

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I have been taking it for 7 years.
Unlike insulin injections, the timing is not critical. Take your day’s total dosage divided in as close to thirds as possible before or after meals but fairly close to meal time.

This medicine increases your body’s sensitivity to it’s own insulin.

Relax, it is not that complicated or time critical.

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I take it when I’m preparing the food or ordering at a restaurant. Dr.L is saying what my doctor told me- it’s only time sensitive in regards to keeping a fairly even bit of it in your bloodstream.

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From the Dutch instructions:

unless otherwise instructed, if you:

* take one pill per day, take it at breakfast
* take two pills per day: take one at breakfast and one at dinner
(* take three: one at breakfast, one at lunch and one at dinner.)

if you forgot to take a pill:
continuity and regularity are important, if you however forget:
* if you take one pill at breakfast, take it with your next meal, that is lunch or dinner
* if you take two pills and miss the one at breakfast, then take it at lunch. If you discover after lunch, then skip it. If you forget the one at dinner and discover before going to bed, then take it when you find out with a little food.
* if take three and you discover before you are up to take your next one, take it with a little food. If you discover on or after the moment that you are supposed to take a new one, then skip it.

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You are supposed to take it with food, but when is not critical.

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That’s what I mean by being time-important…in relation to when you eat so that it works when insulin is released, etc.
I don’t take it for diabetes.
@gemiwing I guess that’s essentially my question….am I taking it with food because that’s when it works, or is it something that needs to stay at an even level in my bloodstream and mealtime just helps you not feel sick. Does that make sense?

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