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Does your kitteh miss you when you're gone?

Asked by Jude (32134points) June 29th, 2010

Dog owners, you know that your dog does a bit of a freak out when you get home (after some time away) – tail wags like crazy, barks incessantly, and gives you slobbery dog kisses, but, what about felines? Does your kitteh gives you a big welcome home/I missed you?

I was away for the weekend and my Pops was watching my little Frankie. My Dad told me that Frank kept meowing and was looking for me in all of the rooms. He also slept on my pillow at night. When I drove into the driveway, yesterday, home from my trip, I saw Frank running down the driveway towards me and he was meowing. He’s been stuck to me like glue since, slept under my armpit last night and here he is now on my lap as type.

(everybody now) Awww, kittehs.

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It’s kinda kitteh miss.

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We have three cats. Our oldest cat is most attached to my husband. When the hubby gets home from work and takes his shoes off Tabby will lay near or on his feet for hours. It drives David nuts! He also will wrap himself around David’s shoes and stick his head inside the shoe. I think it’s pretty nasty. But, that cat loves his daddy and apparently his feet too.

Our other cat is attached to our daughter. Everyday when I leave to pick her up from school Tony knows where you are going, I guess. He sits on the back of the couch and looks out the window until we get back. Then as we are coming up the walk he hits the window with his paws until my daughter gets in the house. Then he stays glued to her as much as he can.

Our other cat wouldn’t care if no one ever showed up except to feed and water him.

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Jolie did miss me. When I still lived where she did as a girl, every day after school, I’d see her with paws on the living room window looking for me to appear down the street. When she saw me, she’d meow. I don’t have a photo, but when she was a kitten, she had markings very similar to this cat.

Once I went off to uni, and thus couldn’t take her with me to the dorms, whenever I’d call my guardian’s house, she’d put Jolie on the phone and Jolie would meow when she heard my voice. On the rare occasions I visited that house in those years, she’d race to the door, wrap herself around my legs and purr loudly. By then, unfortunately, I was allergic and couldn’t pick her up or snuggle her without severe repercussions. :/

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I think so. Of my three cats, I’m closest to Nacho (my current user icon). When I haven’t seen him in a while, he will jump up on my bed, purring and nuzzling me all over. Depending on the circumstances, he’ll stay with me for over an hour just to say hello.

My oldest cat is Pickle and I only see him in the summers and some weekends when I come back home from school. Even though he’s 16, he still comes up to me and meows, sometimes jumping on my bed and taking a nap. Considering with most other people he just runs and hides, I’d say that’s a sign of being missed.

My third cat, Vasco, is friendly towards everyone and cares about nothing but food, so it’s hard to tell if he actually misses me when I’m gone.

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No. They might detect something off, for a short period of time. You not being around. But that is pretty much it.
And, they are “happy” to see you when you get home. Because you represent food.

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Spoony THE cat is quite self sufficient, but she definitely goes out of her way tom communicate “I really missed you.” if we are away for any time and then come home. Of course, part of that is due to the fact I am self employed and work at home, so we are both usually here and it’s really rare to leave her home alone.

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Our cats can hear the garage door opening and are always at the door to meet us. They kind of writhe on the floor like a couple of stranded earthworms. Cuddles (my avatar) will sit by my chair and wait for me to sit, then occupy my lap. Rascal, usually is satisfied to have his belly rubbed. If we are gone for more than a day, they will not let us out of their sight for several days after we return.

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I had a cat who would get into a snit whenever I left. She would purposely ignore me when I came back until she deemed I had been punished enough, and then she would deign to let me pet her.

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My dog “hates” when I go out without him. Then he chills out, has something to eat and spends the rest of the day trying to catch squires through the sliding glass door.
Between naps on the couch. Usually, when I get home. I am greeted with a dog that was just woken up. And, wanting a cookie.

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Cats seem to be a bit more graceful about this, but they certainly let me know that I was missed. When I returned from two days in Quebec, the two girls were looking out the window when they heard my car. Then it was follow me around the house, fight over “lap time”, lie next to my head purring like an outboard motor and lying on the keyboard.

It took them about half a day to determine that my niece Jacqueline is a trainable cat-servant and also has a lap.

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Last March when I was traveling overseas in Asia for 3 weeks my now departed old Gad was a mess!

My daughter said all he did was meow for the entire time. He was SO happy when I came home, wouldn’t leave my side for days! He was a special guy.

Yesterday I took my little female goose to the vet for a sprained hock.

She is on anti-inflamatories for 2 weeks.

After an injection and while the vet was prepping her medication I went to the bathroom.

Sonora shreiked the whole time, she is so imprinted on me. It brought tears to my eye’s.

The vet could not comfort her at all until I returned.

The shreiks of that goose echoed throughout the entire clinic. :-(

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Gawd..I am STILL emotional over that! lol
Just went out and gave her her morning meds.

I have had her two years in August, she was rescued with a fish hook in her eye and lost the eye. Who knows what traumas the poor thing endured being dumoed in a lake all by herself.

It took a solid year of TLC and trust building, and now…she is my goose angel.

All I could thin about yesterday when she was screaming was that she thoguht she was being dumped again. Geese are VERY intelligent and have extremely good memories.

When we pulled down the driveway and she heard Marwyn calling she went wild!
I alway’s tell them that I will be ’ home soon’ when I leave…so I kept saying that as we drove..‘home soon, home soon’...when she was screaming it reminded me of when my daughter was a newborn and I had to leave the room when they were pricking her little foot for the after birth testing. lolol

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@Coloma I love that you’re a jelly. :)

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You’re a sweetheart too!

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@Coloma I never knew someone could bond with a goose. That is such a sweet story! I think you’re the goose’s angel!

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@Coloma You’re my favorite jelly. :)

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Yeah, they do miss me, but some have reacted differently in the past. My cat Monkey (who died in 2007) would be terrified of us when we came back from a vacation. It was bad. :( He’d be hiding under a bed or something avoiding us like the plague and then when he realized it was just us after a little while, he would go back to normal. My cat Annie (who died in 1999) would actually seem to be angry at my mom after we came back from a vacation. She would purposely avoid my mom and not respond to her attention. After a little while, she would go back to normal of course. That was only for longer trips, though. A small leaving and they would be happy to see us.

The other cats just seemed to want to be with us as soon as we got back, long absence or not. :)

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I’m not sure they know that we’ve left!

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I was away for the weekend and when I came home my cats came to the door and meowed at my feet until I picked up and cuddled each one. My boy cat (He’s mt baby) followed me around until I went to bed last night. I think they miss me when I’m gone.

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My wife and I raised our cat, Willow, from a very tiny kitten. She picked us out, toddling over to my wife and meowing to be picked up. Since then, she has only been away from us for very short periods of time, something she apparently hates. Usually either my wife or I will take our two dogs out when they need to go, but sometimes both of us will walk them. Willow gets up in one of the windows and will howl until the four of us come back in. Then she wants to rub all over us to make sure her “claim” on us is up to date.

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This last year I went to college and now I am living with my boyfriend for the summer, thus leaving my kitteh behind at my house. He absolutely hates me for it. He apparently waits for me some days at the top of he stairs hoping I will come home. When I do go and visit, he is waiting for me gives me a look turns around and says “F you basically”, then of course a few hours later he is all over me. The next day when I go to leave he is up my butt and follows me until I go out the door. I miss my kitteh just as much as he misses me though. i miss my pillow buddy at night.

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My grandson’s cat misses him when he leaves the house. It keeps looking out the screen to see if he’s back.

@ChazMaz It’s not just the food. I feed the cat when Mr T isn’t here, but it runs to greet him when he walks in. It just runs away from me.

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haha that’s I don’t have cats at my house, but if I did I’m assuming they would show some sort of affection toward you after you come home from somewhere. Haha and if I was a cat then I would XD

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