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Are re-manufactured / re-filled ink cartridges worthwhile?

Asked by jaytkay (25790points) June 29th, 2010

They cost only 25% to 50% as much as the printer manufacturer’s cartridges.

Is there a catch?

This is for a Hewlett Packard Officejet H470.

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I never used one of ink, although I’ve been forced to use refurb’ed laser printer toner cartridges—and those were awful.

Last time I checked, though, HP wouldn’t honor the warranty on the printers if you used non-HP ink cartridges.

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I only use 3rd party cartridges. Have had no problems with it and only cost me 5 quid a piece. I do not refill them though, because that can become messy.
And about the warranty: a new printer is cheaper than a new set of cartridges. (and you even get a free set of cartridges together with the printer)

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I’ve never had a problem with them.

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@ragingloli You do get free ink, but it’s not full ink. But I totally agree. I don’t buy more ink, I replace the printer when it runs out.

The warranty thing is more for people who work in offices and that may be important.

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I just can’t bear to be part of such a large waste stream. That’s why I choose to replace, personally.

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@delirium Which waste stream?

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The warranty does matter in this case, it’s a portable battery-powered printer with bluetooth. So not a cheapo throw-away.

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@jaytkay I couldn’t actually tell you that HP will know you didn’t use a genuine HP ink cartridge if, say, you sent it in for repairs after replacing the refill with regular HP ink.

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@mrentropy Not sure if I want to test the premise, considering the shenanigans I’ve seen with ink cartridges.

For example:
PRINTER GIANT HP has built in time limits for its inkjet printer cartridges which means machines may stop working even if the consumable has 75% ink let to go

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@mrentropy The waste stream of throwing out a printer every time I need to replace a cartridge.

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@delirium That’s what I thought. Don’t throw it away; donate it to a school or library or Goodwill.

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@mrentropy If they’re on the same price restriction you are, they’ll likely just throw it away too. But I am happy that’s your alternative to replacing. It’s much more ecologically responsible.

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Oh, it’s not my method. I just toss ‘em out on the side of the road. No, I jest.
If you donate them to a school or whatever then they should partake in one of those computer recycle programs. Instead of throwing it out the recycle place would take it and break everything down, strip the precious metals, and dispose of the rest of the electronics in an environmentally friendly way. Supposedly.

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