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What is your junk food weakness?

Asked by ANef_is_Enuf (25423points) June 29th, 2010

I imagine everyone must have a food that they know they shouldn’t eat, but sometimes temptation is too great. What is yours?

For me it’s definitely bread. Any variety, but especially white breads. My family went out of town for a few weeks, so my husband and I took home the food from their house that was likely to spoil before they got back. Including a loaf of italian bread. I am so tempted to eat a slice.. but I know that if I do that I’ll end up eating the whole loaf by the end of the week.

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I don’t consider bread – even the occasional white – a junk food so I guess that puts me beyond the pale.

Really good French fries are my downfall.

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Hot cheetos puffs.

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The real kicker is that while I did not eat the bread.. I am eating hershey’s kisses instead. haha.

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@TheOnlyNeffie I rest my case.

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It’s popcorn for sure. And if I’m going to eat it, I’m putting plenty of butter and probably too much salt on it. It turns ugly when I try to put a handful at a time in my mouth!!

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Bread, cake, cookies, pudding, candy.
Why can’t I crave vegetables?

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@janbb bread really has always struck me as “junk” food. Particularly white bread. It has that thick, fluffy texture with a little bit of doughy sweetness. It’s like.. eating heavy cake with butter smeared on it.
@worriedguy my husband is a nutty bar/swiss roll JUNKIE. He could live on that stuff. :P

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Salty, terribly fried potatio chips and Nutella!

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I am so glad I don’t consider bread a junk food

As far as chips go, I do not really crave them or keep them around teh house mch, but I do love Cheetos if I am going to eat something like that.

Coca Cola is a cheat for me…Yum!

Double Stuff Oreos, Keebler Fudge Stick cookies, Linzer Torte or something similar, Coca Coca Cola Cake, Brownies, and lemon squares are some of my top favorites.

When I am in FL I go to Too Jays and get their Mounds Cake (like the candy bar) and it is fantastic! Oh, and a few mini black and whites.

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Chocolate covered pretzels.

Mountain Dew.

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My own homemade bread, still warm from the oven with unsalted butter made from cultured cream (Lactantia (from Quebec) – in the green and silver foil wrapper).

Of course I can hardly resist it later when it has cooled off!

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Chocolate is my weakness. I can’t have it in the house or I will eat it. All. In one sitting.

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Cookies. now my mouth is watering

I’m going to the bakery before they close. Will return later. dang it.

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@TheOnlyNeffie I get what you are talking about with the heavy cake (like coffee cake) with butter smeared on it….I think it’s called “Gilding the Lily”

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@doublebogie that makes it sound even more appealing. I may really cave and end up eating the bread.

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The junkiest would be genuine Cheetos (not some off-brand or generic). Sometimes they have it in White Cheddar so your fingers don’t end up all orange.

Why do so many of us succumb to its charms. It really has little redeeming value.

And for several months in summer, I just can’t resist white bread, mayo and tomato sandwiches for every meal. Ive tried to use whole wheat bread but that level of deliciousness is just not there unless its junky white bread I tell myself that the tomatoes make it healthy but I get my year’s quota of white bread and mayo in just two month’s time :)

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Cupcakes for me, too.

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Cheese. Not really junk food, I guess, but I could eat a pound a day. And cookies. I’ve never met a cookie I didn’t like.

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Cherry tootsie roll pops.

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I go into a shameless and gluttonous sweat every time I see a jar of Nutella

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Butter Pecan ice cream.

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Lattes and different espresso-based drinks. My favorite thing lately is to pull three or four shots of espresso, mix it with white chocolate syrup, add a tiny little bit of milk, and pour it over ice. I also like espresso con panna (espresso topped with whipped cream.) It’s not as heavy as a latte but has just the right combination of bitter and sweet. One of those and a shortbread cookie makes my day.

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Dr. Pepper and Cap’n Crunch.

No. Not together. Gross!

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Cap’n Crunch scrapes the roof of me mouf! Ouchie!

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Just the smell of Dr. Pepper takes me back to childhood. Such good memories

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Frosted Lucky Charms—I think it’s laced with crack.

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Mother’s (brand) frosted animal cookies.
Root beer or banana popsicles.
Smarties candy or candy corn.
See ya…..Gary/wtf

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I love candy, fruity candy especially chewy kinds. I am also a fan of fried foods.

And here I am trying to be a raw foodist

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French Fies, bacon and sausage

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@AstroChuck I just bought Cap’n Crunch last week for a treat. I forgot about the cereals that are junk food.

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@whatthefluther Yes, I love smarties. I have a big bag as I write.

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Soda pop. I crave it so much I switched to diet a few years back because it tastes so gross and I won’t drink anywhere near the amount I would of the regular stuff.

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How could I forget? Mother’s Iced Raisin Cookies were the greatest! They must have been filled with nicotine and glazed with crack. I could never get enough. Unfortunately (or fortunately perhaps) they are no longer made.

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Parmo, chips & cream cabbage…... :-/

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@keobooks Is that why they’re magically delicious? :-)

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Pizza. I could have Pizza five times a week and not tire of it.

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Potato chips and chocolates and anything cakey.

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@downtide I could too.

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