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Is anyone else using FF2 having trouble asking questions?

Asked by SmashTheState (12814points) June 29th, 2010

For the last week or so I’ve been unable to ask questions. I use FF2 and thought perhaps that was the problem, but I downloaded Kmeleon and the same thing is happening there too. I can get all the way to the “preview” but when I click “Ask Fluther” the icon spins and I can see from my firewall that data is being sent, but nothing happens. It just sits there. (If you’re seeing this question it means the problem is transient. Otherwise no one will ever see this question but me.)

(Edit: Interesting note: when I hit “Ask Fluther” the first time, I got the same problem, then when I hit it a second time, the question popped up as asked.)

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The current Firefox release is 3.6.6

You may have other outdated software that is causing you problems.

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@Dr_Lawrence I’m aware, I use FF2 because it’s the last stable, bloat-free version.

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I think the best feature a browser can have is being secure, and since even Firefox 3.0 is no longer supported, I would strongly recommend you not to use 2 anymore… Even though it’s a bit off-topic, it’s quite important.

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You might try clearing your cache/history and restarting everything.

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