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What is this new country called?

Asked by rebbel (31860points) June 29th, 2010

Just for fun, if you wish, what would you name this new, imaginary country that i just made up?
What is it’s currency?
What colors has it’s flag and what does it look like?
What language do the inhabitants speak?

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The natives have a terrible sense of direction and even the 2 females won’t stop to ask for them.
.The flag is red pair of boxer shorts emblazoned with the North star.
The language spoken is Expletivish.
that’s all I got;)

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I like it, especially your language is imaginative!

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Nation :Twattybollocks
Currency : Sexual favours
Flag : Can’t be bothered
Language : Bullshit

A progressive ickle utopia, a proper bonafide banana republic.

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Name: Acumenica.
Currency: Common sense.
Flag: A likeness of Mad Magazine’s Alfred E. Newman with the international NO symbol across his face.
Language: Rationalese.

Name: Conservika.
Currency: The Earmark, worth less than a campaign promise, only redeemable in non-election years.
Flag: A wolf in sheep’s clothing feeding on corporate logos OR a likeness of Alfred E. Newman covered in oil.
Language: Obscurish. Every word has at least two opposite meanings, truth is optional.
National Bird: The Vulture.

Name: Teabagistan.
Currency: the Dolt, has a different face on each side, worth little.
Flag: A giant hairy scrotum dangling over the head of a grinning Alfred E. Newman.
Language: Incomprehensible, a mixture of Obscurish, Limbaughian and FOX News sound-bites.
National pastimes: Talking in circles and beating dead horses.

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Name: Charlesmania
Currency: Golden Ticket
Flag: Your own creation. With my trade mark on it.
Language: English, with a hint of mint.
National slogan: Hugs are better then drugs, sometimes.

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Very nice countries, guys, well thought!

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