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What're the two main software-based things that you think are missing from the current iPhone version?

Asked by Brunty (93points) March 18th, 2008 from iPhone
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The two most important things would be AIM and a program to play other video formats(rather than just quicktime)

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iChat and copy&paste

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some kind of messenger and office programs.

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iChat, for sure, and file browsing (cover flow) for pdfs and saved web pages.

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-iPhone Explorer & Send/Receive wia Bluetooth
-Copy/Paste & WinMedia/Real Player
-PDF/Power Point Viewer & Word/Excel Editor
-Contacts Groups & Ring Profiles
-Photo Editor & Network OFF (in Airplane Mode You have also WiFi OFF)
-Redial (if called from Contacts) & Forward Massage

I have a NOKIA 7710,since 2004.,that has all these functions.

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Some of those are ok, but screw winmedia/realplayer

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picture messages. I use those all the time and now, ever since getting the iPhone, I have had to tell my friends/clients/employes to send the photos to my .mac account or my email. it sucks. But I can live without it untill June.

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Yea, I would be very excited to have picture messages as a feature.

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MMS messaging, a messenger program, ability to take video, Bluetooth headphone capabilities, flash, and bluetooth file transfer

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iChat and the visualizer on iTunes (yeah, I know, I’m dreamin’)

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