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Soaking the feet before cutting solves the problem, but, what causes the pain while cutting toenails in the first place?

Asked by flo (11348points) June 29th, 2010

I have only heard it about toenails. I thought nails are supposed to be dead tissue like hair. I have tried to google it, I haven’t found anything.

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I don’t have pain when cutting my toenails, and I’ve never known anyone say that they do. What kind of pain is it? Your actual nail hurts when cut?

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If you cut them too deep you can get the quick…which is the living part of the toenail. I would suggest more frequent trimming and not trimming them back quite as far.

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Maybe you should go to a podiatrist and see if there is a medical condition or something. I’ve cut my tonails for decades and I’ve never had any pain at all. I hear that some diabetics feel pain when they get their tonails cut though—no idea why.

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I enjoy cutting my toenails…execpt when I go to far and I feel pain….what are you using for toenail clippers?...maybe its time to buy a new one

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I do not have pain when I cut my toenails. I don’t think that you should.

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Everyone, thanks for your answers. I wonder why it doesn’t show up when googled though, especially if it is related to diabetes? Is it included it in the symptoms of diabetes in books etc.? But I was talking about the topic in general though, not about me.
(By the way has the number been notifying you re. “activity for you”, ”” or has it been staying the same lately?)

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For me, cutting my big toenails hurts because they’re so thick (I have especially thick and fast growing hair and nails) I have to flatten them out enough for the clippers to clip the whole thing and not just a little at a time. Maybe that’s what you’re experiencing.

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Do your nails grow in a raised arc that strain to flatten and fit the shape of the clipper opening? Try nipping a bit from each side then evening off across the center last so the nail doesn’t stretch up from the skin nailbed so much. Also, if you clip regularly then the nail quick will recede from the toe tip a bit making it more comfortable to slip the clipper jaw under the nail. From the top the nail may look too long for your comfort but the attached skin underneath is attached way out so you can only get a sliver each week for awhile.

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@ChocolateReigns and @Neizvestnaya, It is not about me, I mentioned it in my last message, I guess I should’ve included it in the question’s detail. There are people with thick nails who experience no pain, right? Is there not something written about it, though? Have you seen anything?

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I didn’t know but still, the nails in general might be sensitive depending on how much skin is attached to them. My bf has very tough toenails that arc sharply and the skin underneath is attached farther out and all across from side to side versus how my own nails are with the toes skin being attached more in a rounded shape, more nail being unattached on the sides. I clip his nails every week, just bits at a time and in two months they’ve started to change shape to where the quick skin doesn’t grow so close to the end of the toe tips. My mom is diabetic and reports sensitivity when she clips but not so much as worries her.

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@Neizvestnaya Thank you. I don’t know what “quick skin” is, this is why I keep asking something written up about it. So, if you ever find something about it online etc. let me know? Re. your mothers sensitivity to toenails cutting, maybe in the future it might become painful, if there is a way of preventing it….

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The quick skin is the edge where the nail attaches to the fingertip. As far as my mom’s foot sensitivity due to diabetes, there’s no going backwards, her tingles and pricklies will intensify with time. I have her go get pedicures every two weeks so I know for sure someone is keeping the nails clean, smooth and healthy. I go to the same tech so she will tell me if she notices a cut, scratch, callous or ingrown- any of those things can turn into a problem for a diabetic. Even I can’t see up close every detail of my feet.

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@Neizvestnaya thanks for the answer.

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I have the same problem. It hurts to cut my toenails because there is skin attavhed to them I don’t know what it is either but in a strange way it’s comforting to know I’m not the only one out there with this problem! If you do find a cure or better solution for this issue please let me know thanks.

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I have the same problem with my toenails…...... please let me know if you find a way to make it stop .,

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@Missy30 and @cookiemonster98 I will share the info if I come across it.

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