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Need suggestions; how to best accomondate the lovely miss tinyfaery when she comes to visit next week?

Asked by Jude (32112points) June 29th, 2010

We all know her and lurve her, and she’s heading North to Canada to see jjmah and her main squeeze. We’ll be situated on Lake Huron in gorgeous Lakeport, Michigan. Beaches, nightlife in Detroit, a weekend in Toronto, kitties, adult beverages, campfires and drag queen bingo; what else could I do to make the wee pixie enjoy her stay? You jellies know her, too! :)

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do you mind if i ask what drag queen bingo is? it sounds amazing

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I refuse to come up with anything that isn’t dirty as an answer to this question…I am supremely jealous, p.s…

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If you get to Mackinac, a stop at May’s Candy Shop is almost required.

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Vunessuh is coming to see me next week.
I will buy her a pony.;)

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Looks like Jersey Boys, Legally Blond, and Cirque Alegria are playing in Toronto early July.

Lakeport, Hmmm, I think that is up in the thumb right? Just north of the bridge? I say just laze around the lake, so nice this time of year. I guess you could go down towards Detroit, The Ford museum is very good if you like museums, but it is kind of far. I think the Thomas Edison Museum is near the bridge up there.

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So far, sex and candy.


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She likes amusement parks: Canada’s Wonderland.

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Then there’s Church Street (gay mecca) in Toronto.

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Toronto Zoo.

Stratford Festival

Detroit Institute of Art.

Grand Bend (gorgeous beach)

Lots to do in Toronto

(Yonge’s Street)

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“So far, sex and candy.

Then, JLeslie’s responses came in. I’ll see what the tinyfaery has to say about those. Great suggestions.

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I just found out that shrubbery will be staying with me overnight in October. The jellies are a’traveling!

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Okay that looks awesome but it’s hard to tell if it’s just playing bingo with drag queens around or if you actually slowly drag-queen-ify throughout the night. Either way it looks like fun

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@Iclamae A few funny drag queens are the bingo callers. Naughty prizes are given out. Fun fun!

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Toronto is pretty and fun.

Where she can have coffee in the morning. Just a few steps from our place.

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@jjmah ah, that does sound very fun. that 5–15 place generally looks awesome

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From what you all have seen (linkage), what do you think?

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Amusement park could be fun. Drag Queen Bingo is a must.


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Even if you don’t make it to Mackinac, it’s kinda far, there are fudge shops around MI that have Mackinac fudge (although I am not sure if May’s has other locations) which is one of the things the island is famous for, besides the fact that no automobiles are allowed of course.

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Wow, three of my favorite people. Whatever you end up doing, I’m pretty certain it will include a whole lot of fun with a fair share of wildness thrown in. Have fun/be safe. See ya….Gary/wtf

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@jjmah If sex and candy is in the works, I have a suggestion for a place. The Tower in Toronto on a nice full moon lit night. The lights are amazing from up there in the open part of the tower. I just can think of the name of the damn thing. Anyone? And take a radio. The reception is great up there.

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You know, I actually thought of volunteering for this hosting gig, but there is no way I could offer the smorgasbord of entertainment delectables and diversions that you have lined up, @jjmah. I hope you all have a fabulous time and take lots of pictures.

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Gin and tonics on a Canada Day and I’m feeling no pain. Now, I’m mixing the Gin and tonics (that’s scary) and just looked down to my hand to see half of a Hersey’s bar that I don’t remember eating. Oh, happy day.

Unfortunately, it’s not going our get together is not going to work out and I’m royally bummed. Something came up on my end.

I love you, R. <3

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