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Keep baby from getting sick?

Asked by marmoset (1166points) June 29th, 2010 from iPhone

Is there any hope when parents have a bad cold of keeping 2 month old baby from getting it? Any tips aside from what you would naturally do—lots of washing hands and covering mouth when sneezing?

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Maybe wear gauze masks.

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Best thing for a building immune system.

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Keep the baby away from your parents. Don’t touch the baby’s face unless your hands are washed. We catch colds by bringing germs to our nose, mouth, and eyes.

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Also, you need to be careful to avoid your parents also, because if you get it you will give it to the baby. The most contagious time is the 24 hours before symptoms start and the 48 hours following.

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I thought it was the baby’s parents who had the cold.

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@Jeruba Oh, maybe you are right. I thought it was the grandparents. Well, she already knows to wash her hands, and she could wear a mask for the first couple of days of the cold if she is really paranoid.

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Yes, it’s a baby (who is breastfed) whose own parents are sick.

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@marmoset I see. Well, the parent can wear a mask, wash her hands before handeling the baby or her own breast. The baby is probably home free if it doesn’t catch it by the 4th day of the mommy being sick. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you, try not to worry too much.

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If you’re practicing good hygiene and breastfeeding, you’re already doing the best you can to prevent the baby from catching the cold. Just keep your fingers crossed, and if the baby does catch a cold come back and ask for tips to help baby feel better until the cold passes!

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