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Can you cancel training if it was OPTIONAL?

Asked by chelle21689 (7648points) June 30th, 2010

I am going to visit my bf next week, turns out he has drill so he’ll be too busy for 2–3 days. He convinced me to extend my trip two more days so I did. He just found out that he has two day training in Philadelphia the SAME day I’m leaving…so he’ll be leaving for the airport in the MORNING and I’ll be leaving LATE at night.

I won’t know anyone and I’ll be sitting at the airport for several hours waiting to be checked in.

If my boyfriend had the OPTION of going to train for two days…can he have the option of backing out? Or is it too late?? He still has 2–3 weeks left to tell them “no” if he can. Please let me know.

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In the military, nothing is really optional. If he skips training, he will get behind in his unit. He will have let down the team so to speak. Take a book to the airport.

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@josie is right. Or you can plan a sightseeing trip for that day. Where will you be?

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I was in the National Guard for eight years. never did i see or hear the word “optional” in orders given to me. in the military, its either their way or the highway. the only optional choice i had then, was the choice of which sock and boot i wanted to put on my foot, first.

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He had the choice of going or not though. He had the chance to go to Two day training in New Orleans but he didn’t because I was coming. Instead he picked Philadelphia.

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You will be smart to let him go without making a fuss even if he could back out. If he is in the military and they want him to go for training, he should. It is the last day; find some way to amuse yourself in the city or read a good book at the airport. If you might end up being a military wife, you have to learn to roll with the punches. Sad – but true.

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If he was given the option between two places, he won’t be able to back out of the one he did pick. Once orders are written, it’s hard to get out of them. Plus, you said he is going to Philly so that he would be there with you. If he tried to get out of Philly, they could make him go to the training in New Orleans instead. Best thing to do is ride it out. Welcome to the military lifestyle. As my husband likes to say, “If the Army wanted me to have a wife and family, they would have issued one”. I hate that saying with a passion, but it’s true. When it comes to the military, the mission comes first.

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