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How do you feel about the statement "You can't change the past but the past can change you"?

Asked by truecomedian (3937points) June 30th, 2010

Is that true or not, etc.

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Very true. The only of the two you have any control over is how you let those events affect you.

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It is not the past that changes you, it is a new understanding of the events that have passed. Since all knowledge is coloured by perception, an event long past can continue to wield new power through new interpretations.
Obviously a person cannot change the past though, since a person can only ever change themselves.

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I feel good about it.

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I feel pretty good about it too.

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It was just something I said in an email to an old friend, thought it was worth sharing.

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How could it not?? And IMO not a lot you can do about it as both the good and the bad will affect you in one way or another pretty much forever.

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I might change it to “You can’t change the past, but understanding of the past can change you.”

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History is the story of mans actions. Understanding it helps better prepare you for what might lay ahead.

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I would think the past has already changed you, back when it wasn’t the past yet.

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We, if we are lucky, learn from our experiences and, I hope, better ourselves.

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Yep, every person, place and thing changes us in some way.
It is impossible that it be otherwise.

Most people suffering and present day coping skills are products of how they have assimilated and healed from their past.

Call it wisdom or resiliancy…one of the great mysteries how some can overcome great adversity and go on to thrive, and others remain forever stuck in dysfunctional patterns.

I am a very resiliant entity, and also embrace and accept the fact that life is cyclical.

.Periods of stability and periods of transistion,

Some grow older and wiser, some just older. lol

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@Coloma: Milo here: And some, like me, remain ageless and get smarter all the time.

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warm and fuzzy feelings.

oops. changing now….

I feel the urge to poop

that can’t be good

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I’m right there with ya…the age of wisdom rocks!

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Almost a haiku,
Your verse lacks, per line, only
One syllable more.

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I REFUSE to make my evacuations the pinnacle of my day…now that’s ‘old fart’ to the 10th power! lolololol ;-)

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I agree. You can say the negative past scars you and also say those scars bring you greater appreciation for the non hurtful things you have more recent. The positive things just give you clearer signposts to finding more positive.

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It wasn’t meant to be verse.
It was not nearly that terse.
And no matter how you count syllables,
It’s made my day that much worse.

Grouch that I am. ;-)

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The past always changes me. When I “past wind.”

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Oh, what a pity.
An accidental poet
Is good news for all.

wundayatta's avatar

My intentional
attempt to wax poetic:
like crunching on glass.

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And then suddenly,
The thread turned to poetry.
That’s Fluther for you.

gailcalled's avatar


I misunderstood:
Crunching on glass, not on grass?
I’ll remind Milo.

wundayatta's avatar

My lawn back at home
has crunching grass ‘stead of loam.
No buffalo roam.

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I’d say: “You can’t change the past but the past determines you.”
necessarily, i mean.

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It’s very true. Emphasis on the can. The choice is ours.

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You can’t change the past but the past DOES change you

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