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Do I need a 3D tv?

Asked by Moxy (182points) June 30th, 2010

I am getting a ps3 and when the 3Dgames come out will I be able to see them in 3D on my full HD LCD tv or do I really have to get a 3D tv?

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Some 3D PS3 games are already out, but you’ll need a 3DTV in order to play them a standard LCD won’t work.

As to whether you need a 3DTV I’d say no. You buy one and you’re just encouraging them more.

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No. I mean if you have the money. Do what you want. But I would wait a couple of more years.

They will be cheaper and more refined.

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they are too expensive now, just wait a few months…

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I would hold off until they perfect glassless 3D.

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I hate to break it to you but you actually need two of them. To get the full effect.

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The current concern with 3D TV is the health risk. Called accommodation-vergence conflict.
Caused by 3D viewers eye focusing at a distance that differs from the point of visual convergence. Normally, focus and convergence are correlated. But if you put someone in front of a stereoscopic display, that relationship is entirely lost. Causing acute symptoms of visual fatigue.

Currently all 3D TVs have a warning to the risks of prolonged use.

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The 3D thing won’t last. Wait it out.

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Define “need”

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I would definitely wait as well for the technology to improve, and cost to come down. I recently was looking for a new TV, just bought a regular LCD, but while I was there I looked at the new 3D TV’s. If you have not yet I suggest you go down to your local electronics store and look at one just to see.

I was not impressed with it’s 3D capability, it was not as impressive as say IMAX 3D for example. I’m sure in a couple more years when the technology matures there will be more content, and more of a “need” then I would think.

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Now, this new 3D TV is the same “hit” then couple of years ago the HD ready TVs. Just a little after the fullHD TVs came. All I want to say is wait for the glassless 3D TV. It’s already exist, but they have to make money of the revolutional model first…

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