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What was the first word that was ever apoken at the beginning of time?

Asked by Moxy (182points) June 30th, 2010

I’m trying to find out what was the first word the first person that was born in the entire history of the world and what it means in english aswell what was the first letter of the alphabet that was first written.

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Do you mean, when the definition of a word was created? Otherwise simple grunts can be defined as “words”. Being a form of communication.

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That question is impossible to answer, unless you’re Helen Keller then it’s water, or more like wa-wa

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i think it was “mama”...

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Have no idea…Chaz is probably correct…just a grunt for the man and two for the woman!

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The problem is we have no references. It was before written history so it’s all lore now. Different cultures have different creation stories with different words being the first spoken (some have no words at all).

The first written word would at least be remotely doable. Spoken? I would chalk it up to nigh impossible.

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“God” as in, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the word was God.” But maybe that’s no exactly what they meant . . .

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“Hey guys, listen up, i just invented something which i will call “communication”

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Accompanied with a kick to the groin.

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My guess is that the first word communicated from one human to another was probably something that meant food or perhaps water.

Either that or whatever the Neanderthal word for “dude” was. :p

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“I gotta pee”.

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My best guess is “Uuhhaaaahhhggh!” followed by pointing and running.


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Getthefuckouttahere.I mean must have been a big shock to be the “first person born in the entire history of the world” Hello, missing vagina where are you, kinda freaky.

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