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Why do I get hungry so early in the day?

Asked by lizalyse (45points) June 30th, 2010

I eat brakfast at 6am, but no matter what I eat in the morning I’m alaways hungry by 8:30am. Why do I burn off my breakfast so fast if all I’m doing is going to classes? and what can i do to change it?

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Try having a bowl of oatmeal and a piece of fruit for breakfast.That keeps me going for quite awhile:)

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Check with your doctor that you’re not developing diabetes, or something.

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It is best to eat small portions during the course of the day. Have a light breakfast and bring along a snack for later in the morning.

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What are you having for breakfast?

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I usually eat a bowl of whole grain cereal

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Whenever I’m hungry like that in the morning, I didn’t eat enough the night before. But I have a high metabolism so that might not be the best option for other people. I’m pretty sure eating late at night is bad for you.

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I honestly don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. If I don’t eat breakfast, I don’t seem to get hungry for several hours; but if I do eat breakfast, I’m pretty hungry within a couple hours. Here’s another discussion about this topic which may give you some ideas.

Since you are “breaking” a “fast” (of not eating anything for many hours), it might have something to do with what is in your cereal (how much sugar?), and how much of it you eat, and your activity level.

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@lizalyse MY apologies, I forgot my manners:Welcome to fulther. There’s a good group here. I have the same reaction when I eat something like that. Maybe it’s the nature of whole grains. Your stomach goes from very full back to empty and you notice the change more? If I don’t eat anything I don’t notice it as much.

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@lizalyse Maybe try a meal with more protein? Like a white omelet instead of grains. Also, what time do you eat your last meal at night? If you have dinner at 6:00, maybe you need to move it a little later, or cut some calories at dinner so you can have a late night snack. Are you very thin? When I am thin I wake up very hungry, always have breakfast, and am always hungry again before “lunch time.” The other opition is to eat more calories for breakfast. Sounds like you might only be having 200–300 calories. If you eat more it should carry you longer, but it is more advisable to stay with the lower amount and bring a snack with you for the 8:30 craving.

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Protein should carry you through longer. Though the milk in your cereal has protein, you’re better off with something like yogurt, cottage cheese, regular cheese (on toast, etc), or eggs. Greek yogurt is supposed to be the highest in protein.

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Just watch your cholesterol if you go the cheese route. Blah, I hate cottage cheese and yogurt.

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I suggest that you may be mistaking thirsty for hungry. After breakfast, you should have at least one full glass of water every other hour, if you can.

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