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Is there a way to dye your hair so that just the gray hairs get dyed, without coloring the rest of your (black) hair?

Asked by Qingu (21173points) June 30th, 2010

For example, if someone has black hair streaked with gray, could they dye it in such a way that they ended up with black hair streaked with subtle midnight blue?

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There are dyes for men that will gradually change the color darker with each use but it only gets it to a brown color. I hope you do find a way. I hate having to color my whole head for just the greys. I’m not grey enough yet to let it all grow out and that sucks, especially since my hair grows in really quick.

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I don’t think you can pick out individual grey hairs to dye, but I have seen women with a frosted effect from putting a lighter dye on brown hair so that the grey takes on an ash blonde color and the dark stays dark.

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My girlfriend is Middle Eastern and her hair is absolute black, but she gets a few strands of gray in it. When she gets it colored, you can not tell at all, but if the sun shines directly on it, and you look real close and know what you are looking for, there are some strands that have a sort of purple color to them, like zinfandel wine. Once I asked her what that meant and her reply was that the person who did her hair must have done a shitty job and tomorrow she was going to ask for a refund. But generally, I take that to mean that the answer to your question is yes. BTW, I have no gray hair.

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Yes. You could do something awesome like dying your hair a bright color that wouldn’t stick over the black but would soak up in to the white hairs really easily so you could have an amazing dual-tonality.

I’d be jealous. I just find that the gray hairs whenever I dye my hair are a more vibrant color than the rest of my hair, but I have dark hair originally and dye it brighter.

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I have no idea,but I will say that I think gray hair can look sexy as hell.

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Except for mens hair when you dye it. If you dye mens hair and it looked good already, it turns in to a parrot. A big orange angry parrot. All of the hair.

It is very risky.

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Rock the gray. It’s the new brown!

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I think that if you have black hair, any dye you apply will either not take to the black hair or be barely visible, while it will take to the gray hair so a single color all over application would probably work fine. I would probably try a lighter color than my actual hair. If you did black and your hair is really super dark brown, I’m thinking the black color might take and the result would look fake.

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All hair dyes look fake. I suggest avoiding them all together & try shaving your head bald. It could look good. Like Bruce Willis & many others. It also saves on barber’s fees!

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