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Could You Give Up Living With Pets?

Asked by Aster (19984points) June 30th, 2010

If you found yourself with no pets would you feel lost or empty and have to run out and get more? Or would you at least enjoy a break of an undetermined length of time to just , well, chill.

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@Aster Either way for me…i can live alone with no problem! But, having said that, now that I’ve Sadie (my dog and my avatar), do not want to give her up. She is a very sweet lady!

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I would never be without a pet of some kind.I love animals :)

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I wish I could, but I can’t.

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Yea, I feel the same, I have a part miniature pincher and part chihuahua that was given to me by my son, she actually, her name is Dora adopted me. So, my son felt that we were a better match, she would escape from their apartment everyday in search for me and she she would find me in the office and would just stay by my side. I was always worried that someone would run her over when she crossed the street. But thankfully she is a survivor. She is 11 years young now. And is pampered everyday! :-)

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I like my life enhanced by pets.

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I’d try and see how I liked it. Then proceed accordingly!

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My companion animals give me a sense of purpose, of being needed and they help me relax. I could live without them if I had to, but I’d rather not. My life would suffer without them.

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I agreed entirely with you @tinyfaery. We are actually two of a kind in every way~

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Milo here; If I had opposable thumbs, I could cope nicely without Gail (but, between us, I would miss her annoying but predictable little ways.)

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@lucillelucillelucille understood…but, after Spunky…thought i would never go through that again. She was my baby. Had a real hard time getting over her!

But now, Sadie is capturing my heart. She is so good…

My avatar is Sadie…had her almost a week now. It is working out!

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No. I have more than one pet at a time, so if one dies, the other one can comfort me. Pets can fill a void that humans can’t (and humans can fill a void pets can’t) so it’s important to me to always have them.

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I wasn’t asking about giving up your animals. I meant if you had never known your pets. Would u like to try living without any?

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I wouldn’t be happy in the long term living without a dog at least. I had a very long gap without a dog when I lived with my mother and was miserable.

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I know exactly what is feels like to have lost a cherished pet, and what it feels like to not having known “Tiger” my Australian Shepherd before he passed away in 80’. I am glad to have had him in my life for seven years. I still miss him and how have a Dora, and she is wonderful but not the same.

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