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Why is the sky Blue?

Asked by blueberry_kid (5906points) June 30th, 2010

Okay, I know the sky turns like pink and yellow and all those warm, fuzzy feeling colors when the sun sets, but why is the sky “originally” blue? Like why cant it be like Purple all the time?

But I would understand the blue because it goes great with trees and clouds. God, i will admit, did have a sense of style but, why Blue?

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Light passing through a prism is broken up into its spectrum. Light passing through the atmosphere is scattered similarly, all the frequencies being absorbed on their way through the billions of air and water molecules, leaving the particular wavelength that makes you think you are seeing blue.

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Because it was dumped.

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Where is Gail? She took her mallet back.
The sky is every color except blue, which it reflects. Same with every other color. A rose is red because it absorbs all of the other colors, but reflects (rejects!) the red. For various reasons. As to the sky, what @dpworkin said.

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So, white people reject white?
That’s an upsetting message for the Arian Brotherhoods of this world.

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Either what @pdworkin said. (which is correct) or because I said so.
Take your pick. :)

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It was a microsoft program, it used to display vista.

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You might want to look at these for some good answers. A quick search can usually answer common questions like this. Welcome to Fluther!

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Because BLUE is the word we use to describe that color.

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@ChazMaz Ohhhh!!! GA!!!
@rebbel HA HA!! Poetic justice!

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