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What most often makes you cry?

Asked by ETpro (34550points) June 30th, 2010

I am talking about emotional trigger here, not peeling onions. Are you more likely to shed tears due to real life situations, television, movies, Internet activities. What gets you weeping most often?

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Mean fuckers make me cry.

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Needless irrevocable loss

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Seeing someone I love and care about crying and really upset usually makes me pretty emotional.

And, when my vibrator runs out of batteries.

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Watching kids suffer gets me every time.

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Whatever evokes compassion, and of course, compassion as charity begins at home.

Without compassion for our selves there can be no compassion for others.

I am especially moved by animals..they are complete innocents.

Today I was leaving my vets office after a drop in for a grooming appt. tomorrow, when an elderly couple walked out of an exam room carrying their Corgi.

At first I thought they were just carrying their little dog, but, as they passed me I could see the woman in tears and the dogs head hanging…some drool fell on my foot.

They had just euthanized their little friend and were taking his body home with them.

I watched as the old man layed the little dog in the backseat of the car, tears falling from his eyes.

I cried all the way home.

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Sad or extremely joyous moments in Anime. It does not make me cry, but it is the only thing that can bring me close.

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@lucillelucillelucille Awww. Seeing that happen wouldn’t make me cry, it’d make me want to make that mean fucker cry.

@anartist Oh, me too. Real life for you, then—or seeing that in a drama?

@Vunessuh Seeing anyone who’s suffered a huge loss explain it will do me in. I asked this after watching one of the BP explosion widows testifying to Congress tonight on CNN. Here way of explaining her feelings just tore my heart out. now, about that vibrator, too bad I am spoken for because I am self recharging. :-)

@Cruiser @Coloma & @ragingloli Ditto all of those. I am a real crybaby, but lately real life has been cutting me some slack, and seeing others suffering on TV has been turning on the tears.

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Without any hesitation: movies. They can be so powerful it’s rediculous.

The movie The Notebook (2004) was too close to home for me. I cried myself to sleep every other night for weeks, and still can if I let it.

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@ipso Sounds like you are as big a crybaby as I am. Can I be your Kleenex salesman?

stranger_in_a_strange_land's avatar

I’ll cry at the pain of others, but not my own.

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Everything. Seriously, happy and sad moments (in life, on television, in books, and in movies) and moments that make me really proud will all make me cry. I’m a sap.

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Panic attacks are pretty much the only trigger I’ve got. I don’t cry much.

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I cry at the pain of other people. The death of a pet turns me inside out. The suffering of innocent animals is more than I can bear.

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Kindred spirits. :-)

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Some movies. Funerals, if I liked the person. Helplessness in the face of injustice.
Most recently, a scene in Final Fantasy VI where one of the playable characters’ family dies when the villain poisons the water supply.

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‘Funerals, if I liked the person.’ lololol

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Same here, except when I hit an extreme loss. @Seaofclouds Ditto. @py_sue So sorry to hear you have that to contend with. That’s the first thing mentioned that has not brought this sap to tears. @Dr_Lawrence & @Coloma Kindred spirit two. @Nullo Ditto except I’m not familiar with FF VI.

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All of the above, really. That’s not to say that I cry all the time, just that it’s possible for all of those things to make me cry. Emotional situations in movies, TV, writing, real life, whatever it happens to be. My life is not exactly full of sadness (or tear-inducing happiness/maudlin situations), so things in TV and movies probably do it more often. Death of a loved one and nostalgia especially. Believe it or not, epic classical music can make me teary-eyed as well.

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I’m with @anartist, and I couldn’t have put it any better, “needless, irrevocable loss.” You know it when you see it and it is always heartbreaking and gut-wrenching. And also my own personal losses. My parents have both died, my brother is schizophrenic, “missing in action” and may or may not still be alive, my heart has been broken more than once, I have regrets; things done, things left undone, things said, things left unsaid; though I try not to dwell on them; those things get to me too some days, more or less, depending on my general mood. I don’t cry all that much, but when I do it is generally due to one of the above. Sometimes I can and will cry out pure, primal frustration, but it takes a pretty high level of frustration to actually bring me to tears.

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Everything makes me cry. I’m one of THOSE girls.

A mother losing a child gets me the worst. I don’t care if they are total strangers on the other side of the world. That situation just crushes me. I might cry just thinking about it. :\

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I cry most in happy situations. Usually when children accomplish something that means a lot to them.

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Because they are not ‘strangers’ on the other side of the world..we are all one, and the pain of another is our potential pain.

The old mantra of…

There but for the grace of God go I.

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@Coloma true. Well said. :)

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My house is swarming with mosquitos right now…do you feel my pain? lolol

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@Coloma Yes, “There but for the grace of God go I…” one of my favorite reminders to remain compassionate, empathetic and understanding. A reminder not to judge to harshly and without understanding because, due to some circumstance or twist of fate or accident of birth or whatever, I or someone I love could be just where you are or he is or she is. A reminder that I if I ever ask “Why me?” I should also ask “Why not me?” And you don’t even need to believe in God to understand and appreciate the wisdom of it.

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@DominicX Oh definitely, incredibly beautioful classical music can get to me if it is a sad piece and just as much so if its sweeping grandeur is just too much for me to take in. Likewise looking at the grandeur of the universe—considering its beauty and vastness.

@lillycoyote You’ve got me going just sharing what all has happened to you. I won’t even list my own losses, but I know just what you mean.

@TheOnlyNeffie Thanks. I am right with you on the loss of a child. I’ve felt that pain. My first born died in childbirth.

@jonsblond Glad you meantioned enjoying children succeeding and tearing up in joy. That is a very positive reason to shed a tear or two.

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Yes, truth is truth regardless of who speaks it first and a big YES…to ’ why NOT me’! ;-)

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I rarely cry. I usually stand out of the flow in emotional times. I prefer to observe the situation than become the part of it. I think there’s no use if I cry(except if you’re looking for attention). But somehow I will cry if I’m in a big fight that involved physical action.

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@Doctor_D Thanks. Very interesting. I cannot recall the last time I cried due to pain. I had an apendix perforate. That hurt as bad as anything I can ever recall. And that didn’t do it. Each of us has our own triggers.

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Feeling overwhelmed by love, especially for my children and my fiancee, but occasionally friends, too.

Also an occasional very profound sadness, which might be existential angst. I don’t really know what it is.

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@dpworkin I get that angst too. It’s like sadness for the plight of life. And very akin to the pain/joy that beholding the grandeur of the universe provokes.

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

@Coloma I DO! Mosquitos are awful.
@ETpro terribly sorry to hear that. I don’t have children at all, so that is a pain that I can not even fathom.Your thread is the first on fluther to make me tear up. This is like digital group therapy.

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All strong emotions can make me cry—anger, sadness, suffering, loss, happiness, excitement. And it’s not just my own feelings that can make me cry. I have been known to cry when another person or an animal, or a movie or cartoon character, has any type of strong emotion.

ANef_is_Enuf's avatar

I’d like to add that it is a bit of a relief to see that there are so many other sympathetic people here on fluther. I’ve always been teased by my loved ones for being such a sap. I truly think sometimes that I feel more sorrow for other people than I do for myself, and I’ve been the butt of many jokes as a result. It’s nice to know that there are other people out there that have such big hearts. I know the question is about what makes you cry, but that observation makes me smile.

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@tinyfaery Wow. You are in the league with @TheOnlyNeffie and me then.

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@TheOnlyNeffie I get what you mean because I always thought I was weird for not crying easily. I thinks it’s nice as well knowing that there are some people who don’t judge about that. Nice observation. :)

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@ETpro I’m so very sorry to hear that you lost your child. Like @TheOnlyNeffie I don’t have children, so I can only imagine what that loss must have felt like. All I can say is, again, I’m so sorry.

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In the last few years it has been my family. Sometimes, I feel helpless when it comes to a few of my family members.

Also, if an animal, child or elderly person is abused, or neglected. I cry for those who cannot defend themselves.

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Cruelty toward children and animals who can’t understand the cause.

Also, the gap at times between my emotional needs and my ability to have them met.

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It helps to remeber though, that YOU are benefitting through the pain you expereince.

Pain can either open us and soften us or, as in many sad cases, harden us.

The pain I have expereinced has softend me, and for that I am grateful. ;-)

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Movies like Schindler’s List. Or the beggar mafia maiming kids.

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@lillycoyote Thank you for the condolences. She died two days after giving birth to my first grandchild. It was completely unexpected, and just unfathomable. I’ve lost many family members in my 66 years, but nothing else ever hit me like that. It was just so unexpected, so impossible.

@jjmah Ditto. Can’t stand seeing cruelty. If I can intervene, it generates anger instead of tears. But when I can only observe, it breaks me up.

@mattbrowne Watching those is a box of Kleenex investment for me.

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As lame as this is…I cry every single time I hear “Yesterday”. I am not sure why. Other than that, I’m 8 months pregnant so just about everything.

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Suffering pets and hungry little children. Just Thinking about them is too much.

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@ETpro Your loss pains me more than I can explain (typing though a few tears) ...

ETpro's avatar

@Dr_Lawrence Thanks for the condolences. It was in 1987. The pain is dull now, but still there.

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@mattbrowne Schindler’s List is excruciating for me to watch. I think I cry through the majority of the film.

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Worry. My biggest, worstest, most crippling bad habit is an over active imagination and this causes me to worry about every worst case scenario possible.

Animals suffering also maks me cry. There have been some sickening cases in the news recently about animal cruelty and they make me resent the human race.

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Gaaah..I am emotional right now, dropped my new ( last month ) adopted kitty off for his 1st shave job..he was very upset in the car..anxiously waiting for the phone call to pick him up.

But…have spent the whole morning de-hairing my house, sooo…emotional but…‘tough love.’

Tough on him now..a happy cat with no stickers on his arse later. lol

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Really powerful music, Good lyrics/writing/poetry, being overwhelmed by stress.

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@Leanne1986 My wife will watch a disaster film and ask me what my plan is to deal with an Asteroid hitting Boston or a 1000 foot high tsunami sweeping in. You two would find lots to talk about. :-) I’m totally with you on seeing animals suffer, though.

@Coloma Those kitty Klingons are the pits.

@le_inferno All of the above but stress. Stress gets me anxious, annoyed, ultimately angry. But no tears there.

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Children who suffer is particularly difficult for me. My daughter committed suicide four years after her husband did, using the same method he chose. She had three children, and the terrible experience of watching their lives spinning out of control due to these events, coupled with their experiences with the persons who are now raising them, is almost unbearable. I have many tears, often.

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@eden2eve Good lord, that must have been devastating. My deepest condolences.

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@eden2eve I can’t even imagine your pain and the loss and sense of abandonment the children must experience.

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I’m sorry.

You certainly have had waaay more than your fair share. :-(

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Hungry kids and animals. Anger.

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Seeing anything too beautiful to last for long.

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@zophu That gets to me too. :-)

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Running out of beer on a Friday night, and then looking at my watch only to notice that it’s 2 AM and the stores are closed. That’ll do it every time.

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