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Do dogs have anything on their mind, other than where there next meal is coming from?

Asked by john65pennington (29202points) June 30th, 2010

My border collie is very intelligent. he has developed his own way of communicating with my wife and i. one form of his communication is to lick his lips, when he is hungry. for months, this communication was great and cute. but now, my border collie is carrying this too far. every fifteen minutes, he will stand in front of us and lick his lips to tell us that he is hungry. he is fed twice a day with the best of dog food. so, is our border collie playing us for a con game, hoping to grab an extra meal or is he really that hungry all the time? canned dog food in the morning and dry dog food at night. any suggestions?

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Try to ignore his this licking behavior when you feel you’ve fed him at appropriate schedule as usual. Your dog is becoming a spoil dog since it always get everything it wants with this licking habit. I’m not sure if each time he licks his lips means he wants food. There are many reason why a dog licks its lips.

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Well it seems that your dog has learned that licking his lips is a “trick” that will be rewarded. It’s best to ignore that behavior entirely (no positive or negative attention) unless it is specifically at feeding times. Hopefully the excessive behavior will correct itself.

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It sounds like he’s playing a con trick on you. My dog used to do the same, after I fed her she would then go to my partner and “ask” to be fed again. It was several weeks before my partner realised that she was getting fed twice.

Also when out walking, if I start going in a direction she doesn’t want to go (like the “wrong” park or something) she will fake a limp to make me stop.

The way to tell if you’re feeding your dog enough is to keep track of his weight.

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mine also licks her lips…border collie mix…..They are always hungry!!! it is what she wants.
My dog does not decide to take showers…....but she wakes up if she smells food.

get some carrots and treats for snacks

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Also the wee darling could be thirsty? or maybe its not food its attention. Having learned that this action will lead to your paying attention and feeding him. Dogs need hugs and reassurance as much as we all do, just being reassured that you, his pack leader after all, cares about him. Keeping little healthy snacks around is good too. I always think, in dealings with my own dogs, consider how little time we get with them in the scheme of things, and make every day special for them. It makes life good for your fur babies and when they are no longer there you will be left with so many good memories, and hopefully no regrets of your time together. hugs xx

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Funny, my puppy does the same thing, except it does it with the potty bell… he finishes going potty and has to ring the bell again and again and come beg me to go potty.

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@tigress3681 My dog asks to go potty then she asks to come straight back in again, rinse and repeat. What she really wants is for me to go out in the garden with her, and play.

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