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How do I know if certain music is of public domain?

Asked by RexCredo (139points) June 30th, 2010

I wanto to use jazz music from Sun Ra for an amateur video to upload to youtube but I don’t know if it can be used or if it’s of public domain. Is there any web site specialzed in telling whether it is or it’s not?

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I suppose you could wait to see if you get sued. That’s one way to find out.
Seriously, all I know is that any song or musical work published before 1923 is considered Public Domain in the US. Music recorded by Sun Ra is not likely to be Public Domain.

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go to ascap or bmi and check the rights.

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Assume no music is public domain. It is copyrighted the moment the notes are strung together.

That said, YouTube is anonymous as far as identification is concerned. Typically a company will simply ask YouTube to mute the video and not pursue legal action because it’s a pain in the ass for them.

Most of the videos I have uploaded have used copyrighted music. All of them have been noticed by the company who owns it, none of them have been muted. Why? I give them credit at the end and in the video description. They place an ad at the beginning of the video, we call it even.

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Gerschwin has the tightest rights. and music usually does go into public domain after 75 years.
Beatles is also ironclad. others are much looser. I’ve had a class or 2 on song rights.

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