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What are your traditions for Canada Day?

Asked by XOIIO (18283points) July 1st, 2010

For the Canadian Jellies, what are your traditions for Canada Day? Is there something you, or your family does and has passed down over the years? If not, what do you plan on doing? Have a few drinks, each out or just not do anything.

Yes, tell me about your life, tell me all of it! THEN WE WILL MERGE AS ONE!!!

Personally I don;t do anything for Canada Day, we don’t have any traditions.

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I’m a Yank Jelly, but was married to a Canadian and now have my Canadian niece living with me. We fly the Maple Leaf next to the Stars and Stripes.

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I’m American, but I celebrate by putting malt vinegar on my french fries ;)

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I will cool off after work by pouring Molsons oveure my head.

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We go down to Cantara Park for a day of pigging out on international cuisine, catch some live music, and then off to Centennial Park for some more live music, dancing and fireworks. =)

A proud Canuck here.

I like what epony told me the other day: you don white t-shirts and spray each other down with hosers, eh”, haa!

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well i for Candad day im up at my cottage in sault saint marie and we buy fireworks from america(because for some strange reason the make a bigger bang) and we ligth them off at the end of our dock and we see who else is out and watch them light off fire works… oh and drink beer

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In honor of our neighbors to the North, I’ll face North and hoist a Molson!

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My daughter is living in Squamish, BC, as a US. citizen. She calls me and makes snide remarks and then joins the omnipresent block parties and has a wonderful time

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I’m going to the Tim Horton’s that just opened up down the road an’ havin’ me a maple doughnut!

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I drink to excess.

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I’m drinking now, Jonny. Traditions.

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I’m on my third Labatts Blue.

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@jjmah . . . i wish you girls all would understand that drinking to excess only leads to loose morals and lesbianism.

you are the only person in the world, besides my grandmother, that gets away with calling me jonny! cheers! :)

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I’m American but on Canada Day I say “eh” a lot, drink Moosehead and eat cod tongues and scrunchions. Well, not really, I don’t even know what a scrunchion is.

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I comfort my poor big dog Walker who is traumatized by the sound of fireworks and thunder.

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