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How can I protect my dogs from snakebite?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) July 1st, 2010

any methods or tips to help prevent this problem in Mediterranean wildlife?
and what are some easy to make / natural / etc. repellents?

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Well the obvious answer is to just not expose them to snakes or environments with snakes. But if you must, I would imagine that any repellent that would work for a human will also work with a dog…. as well as any immediate care should the dog be bitten.

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Not sure about the Mediterranean but in Phoenix we have snake schools where the dogs are exposed to rattlesnakes. As the dog gets curious and approaches, the dog gets a small shock. It takes about 15 minutes to train the dog to leave the snakes alone.

Someone will call this cruel. But it’s a lot better than a rattlesnake bite.

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Keeping them on leash would help prevent accidental greetings.

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I agree with @missingbite. Dogs are naturally curious about snakes, which is what creates the encounter in the first place, so they need to learn a different response.

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@Anatelostaxus I agree the previous answers which are preventive solutions, but my advice is an after treatment. Here in Norway the dogs and cats are carrying in their neck a small pill container for a specific kind of snake-bite. If you have the possibility to find an anti-serum in pill form against the snakes lice around you, then I think it’s a good idea.

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I agree with retraining the response that dogs have. Be sure to obedience train your dog before you use a shock collar as the dog must think the shock came from the snake because they walked toward the snake after you told them to hold/wait or come.

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Our dog has a little capsule on its collar containing four pills of antidote. Here in Norway it can be bought at every animal clinic, not sure about the US.
The pills can also be used on humans!

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@Otto_King @wilhel1812 Well guys, thank you, I’ve asked around for this capsule you’ve mentioned. But.. no luck here in Italy.
Yes I’m not in the States, I’m in Sicily and I’m actually far more acquainted with european environments than I am with those of the Americas (both natural and social).
No luck here… Do you know what these pills contain? I assume it must be a specific antidote to a specific snakbite type. which one?

@MaryW @missingbite Indeed. Well, my dogs are already obedience trained. though they’ve never encountered a snake. they have encountered other wild animals, but not these ones yet. I want them to learn early on enough.

Thanks people for the interesting responses.

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@Antelostaxus I’m not sure what it contains, but i do know It’s the antidote for Vipera berus poison. It’s called Huggorm in Scandinavia and it’s really the only poisonous snake around here.

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