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How long can you hold your breath?

Asked by trainerboy (1307points) March 18th, 2008

I can hold mine for 2 minutes. I know this may be too personal for some so if it is, don’t answer, but for the rest, what is the max time for you?

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as of now…1 minute

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@ kapuerajam, don’t hold it too long :)

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Houdini held his for 4 minutes.

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But I was not asking about Houdini!

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i can go about 45 seconds to a minute!

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I used my iPhone to find out. Here’s how I did.
First try- 1.03.2
Second- 0.44.5
Third and final try- 0.47.3

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me-1:11 :)

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2nd try- 1:18 hehe

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wow..will the people who just used your iPhones to time your breath holding….please exit to the right, thank you

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I just used my iPhone too! 2:05.4!!! I’ll take my exit to the right as well.

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You can hold it longer if you hyperventilate. Take in a number of deep breaths to boost your oxygen level before holding your breath.

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