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How Do You Explain How Akiane Can Paint So Beautifully? (scroll down)

Asked by Aster (19974points) July 1st, 2010

How is she able to do this? Yes; shes been on tv quite a bit and some say her poetry is even better than her paintings. How do you explain genius in one so young?

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Don’t think you really can.

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@ChazMaz OH darn it, chaz! I so hoped you’d have some sort of explanation!

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Sorry, there is good speculation. The cerebellum and family influence. But no solid X marks the spot facts.
There are more references to it being a gift from God then anything else.

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Now she’s composing beautiful music:

Blackberry says she’s simply a talented painter? I have her life story; great book w/lots of paintings and poems.

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It is wonderful that this woman has shown artistic talent from a young age. Her religious beliefs offer no explanation. If she believed in magic unicorns, her art would still be impressive.

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Many can’t accept she can do it:

“I attended prestigious arts high school and I can tell you that the girl, at the technical level, paints like some of the teachers at my school.
I think that’s a trained artist doing those paintings. The most talented seniors at my school might have done those.”

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Some say “mom painted them” or it’s ‘crummy’ art:

“She can’t drive, and she isn’t old enough to have a credit card, or live alone, so she can’t buy paints! Of course her parents help her. The whole “locked room” test would be pretty much pointless. What would you say if Mom told her what to do? Mixed her colors? Made suggestions? Touched up sloppy brushwork? Sketched? Made comments? She obviously learned to paint by copying Mom’s technique exactly.

I wouldn’t be shocked if Rembrandt and Da Vinci had “help” also. Yeah, it’s probably a lot more help in this kid’s case, and maybe someone with a calculator and a stopwatch might declare the paintings are more than 50% mom, but that’s sort of beside the point. All I see is a lot of crummy art.”

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Clearly, the divine spirit is drawing through her. Isn’t that what everyone wants to hear? Please.

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I want to hear the truth . A lot of people are saying her mother painted them, others say her father did them and many say she paints crummy or cheesy paintings so I’m undecided.

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@Aster We’ll never know the truth.

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