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Which "stand up" makes you laugh the loudest & who have you seen live?

Asked by ucme (46700points) July 1st, 2010

For me the answer to both is Lee Evans, kind of a modern day more funny British Jerry Lewis. So yeah, which funsters are your idea of comedic geniuses?Past or present, living or dead.

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I’ve never seen anyone live. I really love watching Lewis Black, Kathy Griffin, and Richard Pryor.

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I’ve never seen anyone live, but Jeff Dunham the ventriloquist and Kathy Griffin are brilliant.
I also really enjoy Sarah Silverman and Pablo Francisco.
Oh, and even though she doesn’t do much stand up, Amy Sedaris is a comedic genius.

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Nobody makes me laugh harder than Daniel Tosh, but I also enjoy Nick Swardson, Lewis Black, and Jim Gaffigan. The only one of those comedians I have seen live is Jim Gaffigan, who was excellent.

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Saw them do this live in the early 90’s. I’m still laughing. Corky and the Juice Pigs

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I have only seen Judy Tenuta live but I like George Carlin,Bill Cosby,Jim Gaffigan,Dave Chapelle,Chris Rock, Steven Wright and Leroy Yark—I just made him up—;)

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Sarah Silverman. Saw her live in Boston last year. She’s a riot.

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Eddie Izzard has made me laugh so hard, I had to struggle to breathe.

I’ve seen him multiple times. Other comedians I’ve seen as well are John Oliver, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Chirs Harwick, Brian Posehn, Jake Johanssen, Eddie Murphy, Todd Barry, Mike Myers, Richard Lewis, Janeane Garafalo, Michael Showalter, David Cross, Tommy Tiernan, Aziz Ansari, Michael Ian Black, Chris Farley, Bob Odenkirk, Terry Jones, Michael Palin, Dave Gorman, Craig Kilborn, Bill Mahar, Jon Stewart, David Letterman, Marc Maron, Dave Foley, Kristin Schaal, and Baron Vaughn (who’s bubbling under).

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Robin Williams live was insane…my cheeks and stomach muscles hurt for a week after that show.

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Kyle Grooms XD

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Oh yeah – and what @Cruiser said. Probably one of the best one man shows ever.

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Eddie Izzard always makes me laugh and he was marvelous in person.

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George Carlin.

I missed him live when he was here, and I have been kicking myself ever since.

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@ Cruiser Was that the one with the golf bit? I loved that one.

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@py_sue Yes! I am still laughing about it too! I have never seen anyone drink so much water though I thought he would explode like a water balloon after the first 10 bottles!!!

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I’d never seem any of the great ones live. George Carlin and Robin Williams recorded “live” bowled me over with breathless laughter. Gilda Radner was a riot on SNL.

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I like Richard Pryor, and I’m deeply and sincerely in love with Sarah Silverman. I’d give my third testicle to see her performance at TED.

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I’ve seen some Dutch stand-uppers live, although they are called cabaretiers here.
I won’t tire you with their names as you wouldn’t know who i talk about.
British stand-up artists that i really like are Dara O’Briain, Frankie Boyle and Stewart Lee.
Screen- and Newswipe by Charlie Brooker is great too, imo.
Edit: Another Brit; Jo Brand.

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I have to agree with @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities and say Daniel Tosh… his comedy central special (“completely serious”) is amazing. I’m also a fan of Gaffigan, Lewis Black and old school Dennis Leary as well as Zack “Fat Jesus” Galifinakis.

One of my favorites though (close second to Tosh) has got to be Mike Birbiglia…. goofy kid, seems kinda shy and clean-cut… hardly ever curses in his stand-up and is genuinely hilarious.

As long as it’s not Dane Cook I’ll give it a try

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OH! I forgot! At 17, I did one of those lie-to-get-out-of-the-house routines, and went to see Comedysportz in Milwaukee. Robin Williams snuck in and joined the blue team. Turns out he had a cousin on the East Side he was visiting and dropped in to goof around for a bit. The blue team won and then he did a 20 minute stream-of-consciousness thing – and it was clean! Maybe he said “damn” at one point.

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Jim Gaffigan (Bacon) and Lewis Black (Anything).

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@Dr_C <shakes fist> Ahh, how could I forget Zach Galifianakis and Mike Birbibliography? Simply brilliant!

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Carlin. He was the best. I love Black, too.

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I saw Bill Cosby a few years ago, and I laughed to tears. It was amazing, especially when he did his old bits. I also saw Kathy Griffin live last summer. She was very good, though she tends to skip around and go off on a tangent and forget what she was talking about, and I wasn’t very happy that 70% of her set was about the Real Housewives series. Still, it was worth seeing.

I love so many others on tv. Lewis Black, Greg Giraldo, Jeffry Ross, Judy Gold, Eliza Shlesinger, Jim Gaffigan, Bill Burr, etc… And of course the obvious classic ones. Sidenote: I actually saw Larry the Cable Guy on tv the other day, and he was much funnier than I had anticipated.

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Contrary to popular opinion on Fluther, the number of comedians who make me laugh is very long. I’ll just list the highlights, Robin Williams, Whoopie Goldberg, The Smothers Brothers, Bill Cosby, Blue Man Group, Weird Al Yankovich, Dick Van Dyke and many other oldies. Like my music, my comedy appeal is stuck in the past.

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I love Chris Rock and Sinbad. Bill Mahar a close 3rd.

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Billy Connolly.
This clip and the rest of this concert had me helpless with laughter.
(Only seen on TV though.)

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I saw Lisa Lampanelli last year. The woman had me in tears the entire evening. Great show.

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Redd Foxx and I saw Redd Foxx
Richard Prior and I saw Richard Prior
George Carlin and I almost saw George Carlin

Three of the greatest comics ever! okay, in my opinion:P

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I’m a fan of Steven Wright, mostly because I really like the dark humor and deadpan delivery that he has.

As @jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities has said, Jim Gaffigan is also pretty damn good, but I don’t really think anyone unseats Wright at the top of my list, with John Cleese coming in second, who is also the only one I’ve seen live. That was a heck of a show. Managed to get seats in the second row, close enough to tell he wasn’t wearing socks.

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and years ago
Wayland and Madame

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Margaret Cho.
Wanda Sykes.
Kathy Griffin

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I like Brian Regan right now, as well.

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In my youth, here in Los Angeles, if I wasn’t at a rock concert or catching a band in a club, I could usually be found at The Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard or one of the other comedy clubs, so I’ve seen quite a few acts.

Pre-Tonight Show Jay Leno had a great stand-up act. After enjoying his act many times, I could not bear watching him deliver the trash he was dealt by his writers with network (non) sensibility.

Jerry Seinfeld has good delivery and is quite entertaining. His television show was even more hilarious thanks in no small part to Larry David and a funny and talented supporting cast.

Robin Williams is insanely funny and his act has always been much more than just stand-up. His comic sense and characterization skills have made him a wonderful actor.

George Carlin was, without a doubt, the best. I saw him several times and he always delivered. He was intelligent, topical and didn’t just ignore taboos but took them on with a vengeance. From politics to religion to death to the word “fuck”, there was nothing that guy couldn’t tackle and have you laughing hysterically and begging for more. He was an absolute fucking genius and irreplaceable, in my book.

See ya…..Gary/wtf

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