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Seen anything new lately?

Asked by zenele (8252points) July 1st, 2010

You know what I mean; there’s nothing new under the sun. In art, music, cuisine or fashion.

I really can’t think of anything really fresh and new.

Can you?

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Someone I know told me that they know someone who is putting together a collection of short stories about pot.

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Yeah, there is this fantastic new game where you try to shoot a leather ball in a goal and when you succeed you don’t score….

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You mean the one where a certain little orange country called HOLLAND is going to kick carnival all over Brasil’s ass tomorrow?

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Fingers crossed…, fingers crossed.

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I played Bioshock 2…denno if that counts. It’s pretty out there though, for a video game.

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I think I will have soup for dinner.

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This is kinda new and cool! Neat use of computer technology!

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Fresh? New? How about the awesome new Old Spice commercial

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I laughed, @ubersiren – thanks.

Just one problem with Old Spice. Okay, two. It’s called Old Spice and it smells like Old Spice. Doesn’t matter if you have Brad Pitt hawking it while naked.

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Oh, I don’t know… I like it. But, I think that’s because it reminds me of my pops. :)

Also, just a note about the commercial, it was done all in one shot and with very little CGI. In other words, shit got real, yo.

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I love that guy!

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Pretty cool..although I would find that annoying after awhile. I don’t want to interact with any more machines than I have to..

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@SeventhSense I know what you mean! I wash my clothes and dishes by hand for the same reason!

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I saw a hot air balloon at night for the first time a couple hours ago. I had no idea what it was until someone near me informed me of it’s identity. It was pretty cool, I must say.

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I saw the rumor about fluther’s new feature. Anything new in my life? Maybe new energy and inspiration.

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Holy Grandma Moses! You wash your clothes by hand? That would be a sign to me that one should have returned to the farm after Rumspringa…
Some of us have the Beta…I’m not sayin’ I’m special or anything…I mean… the little people have their place…Ok I’ll shut up now. :)

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^ Yeah. I was thinking that too about @Cruiser. I get the washing clothes by hand, really I do. (I don’t do it, but I could understand it). But I could never iron them. Man. Way to go.

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