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Is the tomato blight still spreading in the US Midwest?

Asked by keobooks (14301points) July 1st, 2010

I had a tomato plant that was doing great until very recently. At first, I thought it was just wilting in the heat, but when I looked at the leaves they were mottled and some had a white fuzz on them. They don’t look exactly like blighted leaves, but I’m concerned.

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This sounds dreadful. I heard there were less tomatoes this year, but I didn’t hear until now about a blight. I thought it was caused by something else—heat, or cold or wet or something else.

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I have one of mine that just today is yellowing out big time!! I hope the toms ripen before it too late!!

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It seems to be getting a little bit better. I think the torrential rains and then immediate dryness afterwards have been making it sick. I started watering it and it perked up a bit. I read on some website that while tomatoes like a lot of water and sun, getting a large amount of water and then none at all for a day or two can make it wilt and go brown.

HOPEFULLY this is the case and it isn’t blight. We had a bad blight around late May and it killed a lot of baby tomatoes. So I hope we’re ok on this one.

@cruiser Good luck with the plants!

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If you have brown spots, leaves, or stems with white fuzz particularly on the underside it probably is blight. IMPORTANT!! Don’t ignore it or wait and watch. It will spread more if you do. Organic gardening experts recommend pulling the affected plants immediately, double bagging them and sending them to a landfill. Copper sprays help but they’re also fairly toxic.,7518,s1-2-73-1938,00.html

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