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Happy (drunken) Canada Day!! Guess how much that I love you?

Asked by Jude (32112points) July 1st, 2010

I love you, jellies…

I’m mixing Gin and tonic (that’s scary) whilst on Lake Huron and I just looked down to my hand to see half of a Hersey’s bar that I don’t remember eating. Oh, happy day.

You’re all Canadian today, my friends.

What do you love about Canuckleheads and Canada????

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* * * Y * A * Y * * * C * A * N * A * D * A * * D * A * Y * * * Y * A * Y * * *

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I love that you are my neighbor.
I love that I can drive over to see all of you whenever I want to.
I love poutine.
I love Canadian bacon. (I know peameal bacon)
I love that you can type better drunk, than I can sober.
I love Tim Hortons.
I love the Great Lakes that we share.
I love hockey.
I love that I can understand your English.
I love that your driving laws are very similar to mine.
I love that you have pretty money.
I love that most of you are friendly and helpful to me when I visit.
Happy Canada Day!

oh and I hate the Bluewater bridge, shudder

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Happy Canada Day to my two very favorite Canadians (aside from Celine Dion), you and a certain other Canadian who is enjoying the day with you! I hope you and your lady have a great day!

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Love ya @jjmah !! O Canada, home of the world’s loveliest ladies! I’ve got Stan Rogers singing about Peggy’s Cove on the stereo right now. Just finished hearing Gordo singing about building a railroad. It’s J’s turn next, so more Siouxie and the Banshees.

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Well, folks, when you think about it, Canada has given the world many things. Awesome jellies on Fluther like @jjmah. Fine foods such as smoked meat sandwiches at Schwartz’s, poutine and maple doughnuts. Great music such as Rush, Loverboy and The Pursuit of Happiness. Great television like Degrassi, Corner Gas (and thank you especially for giving Fred Rogers his first telly home on CBC in 1962). Beautiful lands, lakes and cities to explore.

But for my toonies, the epitome of Canada’s greatness lies in this fellow, who is my most favourite Canadian evah! If he was the only bit of greatness Canada ever produced, that would be enough for me.

Happy Canada Day, everyone!

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I love your environment…..your vastness…..your wilderness. and maple leaves.
Leonard Cohen is the bomb

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I looooove drunk Canadian lesbians. :D

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I went to Niagra Falls once, and visited the CN tower- both spectacular! I especially loved that it was legal to get piercings at 16.

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I love you, Ray Ray!!!

Drunken wrestling with McKenna.

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Now, drunken chess.

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LOL! TAKE A COLD SHOWER! Well…I guess that means I have to change my name to “Canada….”


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Thank-you, Valliegirl!

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Oh. I read the details! I love that Canadians get drunk whilst canoeing in a birch bark canoe on Lake Huron WITH their lap tops with NO FEAR that the boat will capsize, just to tell us Happy Canada Day!

O! Valliegirl! O!

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ROFL!!! A movie I’ve never seen before just started…“French Kiss.” Meg Ryan is on a plane…an AIR CANADA plane!!! :) Wave at the sky @jjmah! Wave!!

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I love Canada. I would move there in a heartbeat. Canadians are so much friendlier than Americans. lol.

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Happy Canada yall.

I’m a little disappointed though. When I lived in Winnipeg, Canada Day was a big deal, as it most likely is everywhere in Canada…major streets closed and were replaced by activities, carnivals, beer gardens, bands, everything you want. For like three days. People were everywhere, having fun, and I never missed a year while I was there. Drawing dragons with chalk on the street when I was 11, sitting around radio trucks with super loud music and hanging out with friends at 16, and getting my ass drunk until the wee hours of the night at 19, it was always so much fun.

But I live in Québec now. People in Québec really don’t like the rest of Canada, and so, it’s not celebrated here. In fact if I even mention it I’m mocked, insulted and ridiculed for not conforming to the “everyone sucks cock ecxept us’’ mentality that Québec harbours. It’s a government day yes, so everything is closed and all, but here, the first of July is…fucking moving day. I miss Canada day, I haven’t celebrated it in like six years.

But Happy Canada Day anyways. Beer, bacon and snow, fuckin A!

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I forgot! Hudson Bay blankets! Me wanty! I know they’re, like, 5 billion dollars, but they’re awesome.


I love living there. Lol. (wink!)

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Canada Day!
I’ll have a glass of Canadian Club & 7 Up. <em>Please</em>.

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@Symbeline I’ve noticed that too, especially as a <gasp> Yank who speaks continental (“real”) French.

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Happy naked drunk Canada day to my all time favorite Canadian!

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Happy drunken Jello Wrestling Canada Day to my Canuks to the North eh…let’s have some Poutine and wash er down with a Molsens eh!

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Why thank you @chyna! I suspected but now I know for sure!

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@Dr_Lawrence What is it you suspected?

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That I am your favourite Canadian Jelly~

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@Dr_Lawrence I didn’t realize you were Canadian. You are my second favorite Canadian.

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That will do just fine!

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Thanks all! We spent a lovely afternoon with great friends getting a bit sloshed. We just stumbled home and got eaten alive by mosquitoes.

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Awwyeah, @aprilsimnel I’m an adult noooooow.

(The Pursuit of Happiness)

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@jazmina88 – Too true, Leonard Cohen is the bomb.

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I love Canada. I love Canadians. I love that when I was in Canada I never had to lock my door. I love that the Canadians are sane and friendly and self-deprecating (when they really don’t have to be.) I love that the Canadians live next to the United States and feel like the bridesmaid and never the bride…but everyone knows that the unflashy girl always gets the good guy in the end.

Viva Canada!

Happy Canada Day… some of the nicest people on the big blue marble!

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Home. I miss you, Canada.

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Just back from the fireworks. Happy Canada Day!

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The way this weekend is situated makes it ideal for cross-border debauchery. A Thursday-to-Monday “lost weekend”. I’ve got my pyrotechnics pre-staged for Sunday, all I have to do is hook up two wires and push buttons in order. This way I don’t have to set charges while intoxicated.

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