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What were your first impressions of Fluther?

Asked by Brunty (93points) March 18th, 2008

I found it through the Apple Webapps on my iPhone, I’ve only used it for a short period of time, just wanted to know what other people’s first impressions were!

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I thought it would be a fun site, but they seem to have a big problem with some of my questions, where I see some real lame question comes through.
It is ok, but not my favorite.

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Oooo! This looks fun!!!

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I thought it looked fun too, though I must say I’m probably coming across as quite the newbie as I’ve not had a chance to check out all that the site has to offer, forgive me if I’m repeating already posted questions / content :)

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From a first-day Fluther user, i’m not too sure what to think… kinda fun at first, but quickly losing interest. The site seems like it could be kinda repetitive. Then again, haven’t really gotten a chance to check out everything. will have to see!!

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I really like Fluther. I used to frequent Yahoo! Answers, but it was full of “dumb” questions that could easily be solved via google.

Fluther was different in that the community was more mature and the questions that are preferred are ones that incite discussion. Things are changing, of course, since the iPhone webapp brought lots of new users (myself included), and with it, a lot of questions that don’t interest the original Fluther community. But things might be balancing out.

The best way to have fun is to read the backlogs and get an idea what the collective is into!

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My first impression of Fluther was “a better version of Yahoo! Answers, with some decent design and culture to boot”.

Ironically, all community-based answers sites get worse as they expand, as question space is diluted into opinion and discussion (which is what a forum is for).

What I really want is a web-based service like Any Question Answered, which actually answer anything from ‘where can I rent a HD video camera from in my home town for under £70 a day’ to ‘how should I get my hair cut?’ and my PayPal account could be billed 79p each time or something.

A good improvement for Fluther would be to split responses into answers and opinions (or answers and comments, or answers and discussions) and implement a rule that only actual answers should be placed into the answer thread.

People that enjoy researching only do so if they feel surrounded by other people who have the same mindset.

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Steve already gave my answer.

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I really like fluther, especially when a lot of people answer your question and lots of opinions are discussed.

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I first thought that is was a great idea! I liked the way it looked and I do have a lot of questions that could use answers!

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honestly at first I thought it was interesting but I’m losing interest. Many of the senior members think they run Fluther and the newbies get discouraged from coming back.

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I am finding it hard to get some fun questions past the thought police and publicized.
Read this before it gets flagged!!!

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