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How should I feel about being blocked by an old "friend" on Facebook?

Asked by truecomedian (3937points) July 2nd, 2010

I can’t just get over it, I’m totally hurt. I sent them a couple messages and they blocked me. I know this is a stupid question but I am asking anyways in hope that maybe I’ll get that magic answer.

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They may not approve of you in light of things you revealed about your parenting arrangement.

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It’s not like I got fired from the sperm bank for drinking on the job.

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Not everyone will support or approve of your arrangement. That is life. Just go on with your life confident you are content with what you are doing.

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There isn’t a definitive answer for how you “should” feel about any situation.

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I can’t answer how you should feel, only you know the answer to that.
Perhaps you have done or said something you are not aware of. It is their choice to block you. Move on with your life, don’t let it upset you.

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@truecomedian are the details of your parenting arrangement that are so scandalous that it would cause someone to block you on facebook? Honestly, if that is the reason, this person is probably not worth your time or effort. I wouldn’t want to hang out with someone that judgmental.

Edited to add: Never mind about explaining the arrangement, I saw your other question. My answer still stands – if that is the reason, be happy to have been cut loose! Maybe this person is just jealous that you were picked to be a stud!

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Try not caring ;)

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I would find that hurtful too. There is not much you can do. Conceivably, you could call them and ask them to explain it to you, but it is their choice whether they would or not.

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Was your facebook page wide open and were you passing on information about the friend that they did not want to share to the world. Is your “wall” a bunch of worthless comments that inundate others several times a day with every update.
Were you writing about every little thing that comes up?
If I write to you, I expect it to end there. If I want the news spread I’ll do it.
I ditched someone because she could not keep her mouth shut.
Only you can answer the question honestly.

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I’d be confused if I had no idea why but in most cases then people pretty much know why someone chooses to cut them loose. For a lot of people it’s as simple as you revealing a bit too much of what think is private info/stories when they have an SO, parents, friends or kids that also see the acct. that might not want to know those details about you. You might not agree with the person’s reaction to you but it sounds like in your case they gave some explanation and they expect you to respect that.

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I’ve been blocked on a couple of occassions and I felt genuinely shocked. I couldn’t comprehend why someone whould want to block me. I accepted that not everyone’s going to like me, no matter how perfect I am. Tough times. Really though, put that person out of your mind – they, nor the reason for the block does not matter.

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