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Does anybody know of any old wives tales relating to sexing an unborn baby?

Asked by Mat74UK (4649points) July 2nd, 2010 from iPhone

The wife is now 5 months fine and we don’t want to find out the sex via scans, but we do keep ribbing each other she’s opted for pink and I blue.
What I’m after are ways in which folk used to say “oh it’s laying low it’ll be a boy” and such like.

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I have found that if she is carrying the baby low and straight out in front it will be a boy no question and I have been 100% correct with this and if she is wide to the side it will be a girl again 100% on with that! Congratulations!!

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Have her lie on her back.

Take a strand of her hair, and tie a gold ring to one end. Hang the ring over her belly perfectly still, and wait for it to move.

If the ring swings back and forth – boy.
If the ring swings in a circle – girl.

It’s actually kinda freaky – It got my son (in utero) as a boy, my dog as a boy, my cat as a girl, and my husband as a boy, too.

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If you tend to crave sweet things then it will be a girl, if you crave cheese & meat it will be a boy. Also as @Seek_Kolinahr says hanging a ring over her stomach and see which way it moves.
Perhaps this article may be of interest to you:-

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There is the old pencil over the wrist trick. Thread a needle and stick it in the eraser of a sharpened pencil. Hold the needle over her wrist, if it swings up and down along the wrist it is a girl, across it is a boy. Or is it the other way around?

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One old wives tail is if it is a boy she will carry high and all the wait in front of her in her belly, and baby girls she would carry lower an gain weight all over. My mom carried low with me (I’m female) and high with my sister so much for tha theory.

Also, someone once told me you put your wedding band on a string hold it in front of her belly and if it starts to make circles it is a girl and if the ring moves back and forth it is a boy.

I have also heard that baby girl fetuses cause more morning sickness, but I have found that to be untrue also.

Now, it is a fact that if you already have 3 of a particular you are statistically much more likely to have another baby of the same sex, but I don’t know if you have other children.

That’s all I got. I say you are having a girl. Just a guess. I say find out, why not?

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@JLeslie – I heard that one about if it “sits high it’s a boy” from an episode of The Jeffersons, when the old biddy friends of George’s mother stood around his daughter, kept touching her belly and saying that old biddy stuff. I’ve not heard any old wives tales about sexing babies since.

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@aprilsimnel Well, that was the old wives tale people used around my mother, and the one I had always heard. Makes sense it was on the Jeffersons, because the producer and probably many of the writers were Jewish New Yorkers or transpants to the west coast maybe, if it was filmed on the west Coast (not sure). Anyway, it might be an old wives tale from the eastern European countries many of their parents came from, and hence becoming an old wives tale in NYC and Los Angeles. Just guessing.

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The wife says: “Going by these we’re going to be the proud parents of a Hermaphrodite!”

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@Mat74UK I will gladly help you raise an intersex child.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – Cheers for that but I seem to remember that you’re at the other side of the pond to me!

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@Mat74UK Listen, when it comes to this particular kind of thing, any support is crucial. :)

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I predict that it’s very likely that you will have a boy or a girl, but that his/her gender will be determined by him or her. Green and yellow are lovely colors for nurseries!

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – I seem to remember you from didn’t you have a baby then? How is he/she now?

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@Mat74UK I have two kids – my oldest is almost 4 and our (the baby Alex and I made as a result of us meeting on is now a year and a half. They’re both beautiful and smart and funny as hell. Thanks for asking, :) you’re very sweet.

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It’s not really an old wives tale, but do you know where your wife was in her cycle when she got pregnant? If it was before she ovulated, it’s more likely a girl, but if it was as or right after she ovulated, it’s more likely a boy. Boy sperm swim faster than girl sperm, but girl sperm live longer. If the egg’s already there the boy sperm will get there first. If the egg isn’t there yet, the boy sperm will die and the girl sperm will be there waiting when the egg comes. That’s how my parents planned for me to be a girl!

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I really don’t think babies should be having sex.

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Let alone 6 year olds.

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