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Is there a tester that helps find a break in house wiring?

Asked by LuckyGuy (38072points) July 2nd, 2010

Suddenly, half of the outlets on one circuit breaker stopped working. I shut off the breaker then turned it back on again with no change. I live in a older house so it is possible Micky Mouse chewed through a wire. One outlet has a switch on it and that light worked but the outlet did not.

To get things going I hooked the working wire to the dead outlet and now everything works fine. (I know this is not code but it works as a temporary fix. In fact I can argue it is safer because there is no voltage difference between the two cut ends. Any way, that’s what I told my wife.)

Is there an electrical tester that lets you follow a wire until there is a break? I imagine some kind of radio transmitter that would attach to the electrical box and a pen-sized receiver that you could hold near the wall to follow the wire. It sure would be handy.

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