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What is the story behind El Ãngel Caido in El Parque del Retiro, Madrid?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7976points) July 2nd, 2010

My culture teacher was talking about how its different than all the other statues in the entire park, or the world, but he was talking too fast for me to understand why. Also, he was saying something about how if you went there at night, and you were robbed, if you ran towards the statue that the robbers wouldn’t bother you or something.

Does anyone know why people are afraid of it, or why it’s even there? Is there a superstition about it, or rumors about its background?

I asked some other teachers that live here, and they said that they didn’t know, by the way.

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The Parque del Retiro provides its visitors with a number of very pretty gardens. There is the most exquisite La Rosaleda, also referred to as a rose garden; and the Chinese Garden which is located on a tiny island located near the Statue of the Fallen Angel. (The statue, The Fallen Angel is also known as El-Angel Caido and is said to be the first statue in the world depicting the devil.) The Fallen Angel won first-prize at an international exhibition held in the city of Paris in 1878. [Visiting Madrid, step 13]

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