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Other than Grape Nuts, is there a cereal that does not go "soggy", till the end of the bowl?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) July 2nd, 2010

In my 66 years of life, i have tried just about every cold cereal out there. i have yet to find one that stays crispy to the end. i hate “limp” flakes. once the milk hits the bowl, i can hear “snap, crackel, pop” go slowly into a death mode. there is nothing worse than soggy cereal. Question: so, what’s your solution to soggy, limp cereal? viagra?

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My favorite cereal is this and I’ve never had a problem with it going soggy :)

lol viagra lol

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Grape nuts is cereal???!!! I always thought it was kitty litter.

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I thought you could eat kitty litter?

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frickinfrack, i have not tried this cereal. i have seen it on the shelves at WalMart. i will give it a try. thanks, john

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ChazMaz, stay out of the litter box. you know it makes you go crazy.

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Too late. :-)

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Ok… Ok….
I like my cereal soggy. The progression from crunchy to sludge is a texture change I enjoy.

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Kashi Go Lean Crunch.

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@wtfrickinfrack – Oops! Didn’t follow your link.

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Capn Crunch is indestructible. A handful is great for scrubbing barnacles off the bottom of your boat while it is still in the water.

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Chocolate Special K won’t go soggy… OK, the flakes will, But who eats those anyway? The chocolate chunks are the only reason anyone would even buy it, right? ;)

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Try this one: It’s not crispy but it is good and stays the same consistency.

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I just pour in the milk, drink it up after a minute or two; then continue on with my ‘moist’ cereal. Perhaps you need a milk spritzer :)

I like Cracklin Oat Bran. It doesn’t get mushy per se, just less hard brick.

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What’s the point in pouring milk on the cereal if you don’t want it mushy?

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Müsli holds up pretty well.
I’m with @Seek_Kolinahr though. Soggy cereal FTW!

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I eat my cereal without milk. Problem solved. :)

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My Favorite, Captain Crunch!

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I also use the original Golean. Put the fruit on the bottom, then the additions (seeds, ground flax, cinnamon, nuts) and finally the cereal. Don’t drown the mixture with milk and eat immediately.

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