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How to stop subwoofer buzzing?

Asked by poofandmook (17272points) July 2nd, 2010

I have a small speaker set on my desk at work… two normal-to-small sized PC type speakers, and a subwoofer. The two speakers are right in front of me, my computer is to the right of them, and the small subwoofer is to the right of that.

But it’s close to me, and I can hear it buzzing. It’s annoying. What is causing it, and can I stop it?

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try shielding your input wires.

Also try repositioning the wires so they do not cross with any power wires.

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Unplug the electrical cord from the wall and turn it over. polarity can be a problem, which causes buzzing.

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@wgallios has a good answer, you can buy special magnets that clamp around the speaker wires, shielding them from RF interference. I had to use them on one of my old 5.1 speaker sets since I was tired of listening to Toronto’s Antique Road Show.
The magnets are available at most small electronics supply stores.

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@wgallios , also if the wires NEED to cross, cross ‘em at 90 degrees. in other words, don’t let ‘em just hang parallel close to each other. I think Radio Shack even offers a plastic doohicky that helps you cross the wires at 90 degrees.

AND, what’s that subwoofer doin’ up on the desk anyway? Put that bad boy on the floor under your desk where it belongs – you’ll hear it bass frequencies just fine.

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@stratman37: Because I can’t really ever have it loud enough… it’s a little one.

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Buy a bigger subwoofer; kill 2 birds with one stone. No buzz, and its louder

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Oh no, it GETS loud. I just can’t turn the volume up at work that high. And it came in a set with the speakers… I didn’t go out and by a woofer for my desk lol

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That must be some tolerant workplace to let you use a subwoofer, at all.
Subwoofers are by their nature…. a disturbance. Now you know how your music sounds in the next office. Because they don’t hear the music. They just hear thuds and buzzes. They must be saints to put up with that.

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I don’t listen to music in the office, and there is no office next to me. It only gets used on the weekend when I’m working by myself, when I am allowed to watch Netflix. I hardly think The Office, 30 Rock, Parks and Rec, and Kitchen Nightmares cause a racket with the subwoofer. Thanks for the snide comments though, @Kraigmo.

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