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What are some fun iPod touch apps?

Asked by Yehekai (50points) July 2nd, 2010 from iPhone

I just bought one and would like some ideas for fun apps if you know of any

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I just got one too! I haven’t downloaded many yet but I have the Battersea Dogs Home one so I can view all the animals they have aailable for adoption, Solitaire for those “I’m bored” moments and a couple of my favourite radio stations. i also have one called TV catch-up which may only work in the UK but, basically you can watch all the freeview channels on your iTouch.

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Pandorabox is a very handy app which can lead you to many others.

It lists all new releases plus any apps which are onplaced temporarily on sale by their developers, many of which are knocked down to Free.

They put them on sale for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s to get more reviews but there are all sorts of other reasons.

There are lots that go on sale around any holiday (July 4th of Fathers Day, Christmas or whatever.)

I check it every day and have found some fabulous bargains.

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Angry Birds! Plug your iTouch in it eats both batteries and time!

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Angry Birds, Parachute Ninja & We Rule. The 1st 2 have lite versions & We Rule is free.

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Topple, Rolando, Deep Green (chess), Fingerzilla, Labyrinth, Superball, and Tap Tap Revenge.

Several of those have “lite” (aka “free”) variants so you can try before you buy.

Oh, and another vote for Angry Birds.

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Unblock Me is good, a sliding boards puzzle.
The drum kits and piano apps are good for a few minutes entertainment.
Paper Toss is a classic.
Jelly Car is really addictive and looks great.
DoodleBuddy is fun to do some quick drawings.
Rocket Bird is great cos it solely uses the tilt for controlling a bird…attatched to a rocket.
Chopper Lite is great little game with a helicopter and some shooting and stuff.
Finger Physics is a great game. Has a load of levels in the free version and they add more free ones every month. Really addictive.
Flipbook lite is good for making little mini animations.
Glow Hockey is just air hockey but pretty fun.
Minesweeper…I’m just addicted to minesweeper in general I think.
Angry birds is a must as lots of others have said.

And of course the Fluther app.

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The Fluther app is really too crippled to be of any value.

If you try to post a question using the Fluther app it doesn’t post and just disappears. Very frustrating.

Also, you can’t click on any links which people may put in their posts.

You’re much better off accessing it using Mobile Safari.

The app is in bad need of an update but until they do, it’s just too crippled to be able to give a satisfying experience.

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Perfect Balance: Harmony is a physics engine game. It was free today I know. If you like Topple, you’ll like PB.

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