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What should i buy my wife for her 63rd birthday?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) July 2nd, 2010

Last year, for her birthday, i took the lazy way out and gave my wife a gift card. she accepted it, BUT i received that certain look women give, when they think you could have made a trip to Macys, instead. i will not do that this year. instead, i need your suggestions for what my wife would love to receive. i want to give her something really special. hopefully, not clothes, but something she will remember her 63 rd birthday for. Question: whats a unique gift to give my wife for her 63rd birthday, coming July 6th?

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Books are always a good idea if she’s an avid reader.

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Tickets to some very special event that you would usually not be too excited about. Showing her your willingness to cater to her interests is usually a very big thing to most women.

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Reservations for a really nice dinner to a place she wouldn’t usually splurge on but has food that you know she appreciates (eg: a fine seafood restaurant or whatever type of cuisine or chef she especially enjoys.)

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Well, this is the start of her 64th year of life.
A boxed set perhaps.

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Try to find and buy the original single of The Beatles.
Edit: Note to self; Click @lloydbird ‘s link first before write an answer.

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lloybird, thanks for your suggestion. i forgot about that song by The Beatles. i will definetely use this song somewhere in her birthday celebration. thanks, john

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Either a gemstone ring or dinner and nice hotel for the night.

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I have to follow this question closely, my wife’s 63rd is coming up in October. I have a lot to make up because I was laid up (July 2nd) for our 44th anniversary.

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@john65pennington @Ron_C Hey guys, you could bring your ladies over for a memorable time. It’s a great city.

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@lloydbird too bad the invitation is so late. I would have liked to visit. On the otherhand if you get your wife a really good present, it might be a standard that I could not meet.

Maybe next year. Our anniversary is on July 2nd and next year is our 45th anniversary. Now you have me thinking.

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