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Uniforms or street clothes to work?

Asked by poofandmook (17277points) July 2nd, 2010

You have two choices:

A) Uniform shirts. Polos, not nice or ugly, just meh. Plus: you never have to worry about what you’re wearing in the morning… but you’re wearing the same thing every day. Also, they’re laundered for you by the uniform company.

B) Your own clothes. You have to take time to choose your clothing in the morning, coordinate, and make sure it’s presentable and matching. You also have to do your own laundry, but you have your own style intact.

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Uniform polos are almost always baggy and ugly. Baggy clothes make me look fat. I’d wear my own.

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The never having to worry about ‘outfits’ would be great!

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My own clothes. I like wearing different outfits and being able to leave work without having to go home or carry street clothes with me, which is what I did when I had a job that required a uniform.

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I prefer to wear my own clothes and luckily, since I work at a college, they don’t have to be too dressy or uncomfortable. Best of all worlds.

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Uniform. I hate stressing about what to wear

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Uniform. There would be plenty enough time in the rest of my life for individual style.

Also, with what I save in costs, I can splurge on nicer outfits for the rest of my life.

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I wear a uniform for work and, wihlst it is not the most flattering of outfits, I prefer it to wearing my own clothes to work (which I have done in previous jobs). Apart from the fact that having a uniform makes the mornings much easier for me I like the fact that going to work isn’t about what everyone is wearing. I also appreciate wearing my own clothes in my free time and, even though I like my own personal style, it is not always suitable for a customer based job. Like @Buttonstc said, I have plenty of time for my own individual style and I certainly don’t feel that, by wearing a uniform, I am unable to express myself.

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Uniform. I would always prefer a uniform to wear to work. When I was younger I always hated having jobs where I could wear my own clothes to work – too much to think about. I wear scrubs to work now.. which are kind of ideal. It is a uniform, but there is plenty of room for personal expression.

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Street clothes. I like to be able to wear what i please as long as its work appropriate.

is it really that friggin hard to pick out clothes in the morning? Far as i knew it was just pants and a shirt….. You’re going to work, not some formal ball…..

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@uberbatman It’s hard to have something different to wear each day if, in your personal life, you don’t shop much and your personal style doesn’t match what’s ‘work-appropriate’ at all.

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Uniform. Some one threw up a 3 litres of blood all over me today and all I have to do is take off 1 set of scrubs and put on another. (sadly it was about an hour before I had the opportunity to get changed, but hey)

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Street clothes. I love variety and my job is best served wearing nicer clothes and I like wearing nicer clothes. They are comfy!

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I have to wear street clothes (which are essentially a uniform, because I have to wear a suit most days). I prefer this to a true uniform, because I can fudge a different shirt or slacks if another pair is dirty (not applicable to a uniform in most cases).

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Definitely the uniform. I dont fancy getting food on my normal clothes, not to mention the smell.

I would just end up buying a separate wardrobe of work clothes in the end, anyway. I go to work to work, and at least in my current position an expression of personal style is not in the job description.

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My street clothes, most of the time, are kind of a uniform. Blue jeans, black t-shirt. Simple, all the time.

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Uniform or follow a set dress code. I’d rather not have to spend the money towards nice looking clothes for every day of the week I work. I’m expected to dress like I make so much more money than I do and it ticks me off sometimes.

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I prefer uniforms, especially when the employer pays for it.

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monday thru friday i don’t have to worry about what to put on because i wear a uniform. but since i am a training academy instructor, my colors or dress code for any particular day can vary. that’s when i feel like i have that “what to wear” stress.

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I like wearing scrubs. Right now we can wear any style of scrubs we want, they just have to be certain colors. It’s not bad.

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I’d prefer to wear street clothes. When I was working as a waitress I could wear a jean skirt or some creepy Victorian dress, but now I’m obligated to wear an official outfit, and it sucks.

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I would prefer to wear a uniform. The bit about getting someone else to launder it sells the idea to me. :)

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Is it health care related? If so street clothes for the street, for infection control.

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