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If you are NOT barbecuing or attending a barbecue, what are you doing with your holiday?

Asked by poofandmook (17277points) July 2nd, 2010

I repeat:

NOT hosting a barbecue.
NOT attending a barbecue.


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We’re going to the Big Queer Beach Party 2010 at Coney Island!

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I’m going to the BEACH!!

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Im going to “Freedom Rock Fest” which is a free concert put on every year by a classic rock radio station from philly followed by fireworks. This year they have Paul Rodgers so it should be a good show.

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Going fishing with my husband and having a picnic by the lake, just the two of us.

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Mourning the treason against the Great British Empire and celebrating the victory of the Fatherland against Argentina. Or mourning the loss against them.

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I am planning to hang with my man all day.

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The town fireworks are tonight, instead of on the 4th. We’re going to take a blanket and cooler down to the beach and watch the kids play in the water as the sun goes down. Once it’s fully dark, we’ll ooh and ahh as the fireworks explode over the water.

On the actual holiday, we’re going to the local parade down Main Street. My sister-in-law is marching in the parade with her Amnesty International chapter so we are going to harass support her. It’s also fun for the kiddos, and will give hubby a me a chance to talk about how every town parade, every year, is exactly the same.

That evening, we are going to a wedding. I am really looking forward to it! A lot of our friends will also be there, and the wedding is at an incredible mansion. It will also be my first Jewish wedding ceremony, and I love experiencing something new. Can’t wait to have fun and enjoy some great company!

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Parade, (including tractors) trying to stay cool, maybe going to the beer tent, fireworks.

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Boating and tubing for sure!! Bunch of outdoor concerts to choose from and of course lots of ice cold ones too!

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Clean my house, paint the patio, finish building my helicopter.

And… Clean out the garage, cut the grass, paint another room, go after that pesky mole some more, get the dog groomed, watch the fireworks.


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@Simone_De_Beauvoir Is Coney Island still open? I heard a rumour it closed. I haven’t been back to NY in almost 15 years… I miss that place.

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@Seek_Kolinahr You bet! They sold it to someone and now there’s a new LunaPark and the old place is still open, as well.

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gaspeth That is so exciting! Man, I need a road trip, now.

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Having sex

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Sitting around. Doing nothing. By myself.

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Playing disc golf with my guy and my dog at Sedgley park.

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Well, there might be a barbecue… :P

My friends and I are heading up to Lake Tahoe in 2 hours!!! :)

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I’m gonna stay at home, and do some cleaning. Maybe have a couple drinks, but that’s all.

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Having friends for dinner tomorrow night, chicken fajitas and toss in the proverbial watermelon. lol

Sunday will be a county fireworks display in a local park…my county is a huge forest fire hazard so all personal fireworks are a big no no.

No sparklers to spark this mountain. lol

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Working, 4th of July is one of our biggest promotional holidays so everyone is on shift. The cool thing is we usually close early because people want to get somewhere to watch fireworks so there’s a good chance I’ll get out in time to see a friend’s band perfrom later that night.

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spending the day/picnic and fireworks in Sausalito… it was supposed to be a first date, but we’re meeting tomorrow before hand! :)

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Didn’t I just answer this question? I’m spending the day playing with my grandsons and the night sitting in the bathroom with my dog, with the fan on and my portable T V turned way up so he can’t hear the fireworks. I’ll probably have to sit in there on Saturday night as well, because everyone will be fireworking then as well. I can’t leave him in there alone, because he would scratch the door to pieces. We already had that happen to the bedroom door.

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You still have time, maybe het a sedative from your vet tomorrow.I am sure they give them out all the time for the fireworks issues so many dogs have.

I used to have cat that was terrified of thunder. lol Poor guys. :-(

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Dropping Ravioli between my breasts while watching late night straight to TV movies and not doing anything constructive.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I enjoy bbq’s a lot though, but I’m terrible at preparing food, and I don’t own a BBQ anyway.

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@YARNLADY When I was a kid, we had a neighbor with a little scotty dog that HATED fireworks. When we had our neighborhood fireworks show, they had to lock the dog up in the house. One year he escaped, came running out into the street, and attacked a fountain of colored sparks. He got a little singed, but luckily we had a hose ready for emergencies and so he escaped without any actual burns.

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@Coloma Thanks for the tip, we do give him the tranquilizer, but usually get the timing wrong, and he falls asleep after they are done.

@MissAusten Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed that story.

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